Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa

Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
28th December 2023

Special Needs child Duas


My daughter who is 8 years old is special needs. She has limited speech and is intellectually impaired. It has impacted me physically and emotionally. I trust Allah SWT has a plan for her and us but thoughts of the future scare and worry me like no other. This world is so scary especially for a young girl who cannot communicate. We make dua for her improvement but I wanted to ask if it's permissible to ask Allah swt to only keep her with us for as long as it's good for her?

JazakAllah khair

Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
23rd April 2023


Can you make dua to marry someone that has accepted another marriage proposal that’s not yours? I have history with a person and we both liked one another but something happened to create distance, now the person has accepted a proposal to marry a separate person. With dua we can ask Allah to change qadr, so can we still ask Allah to not to let the person we love not marry another person but to marry you? The person I like has accepted another proposal, but I really like them so I am making dua the proposal they accepted doesn’t actually happen and we reunite - I am not sure if this dua is prohibited?
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
9th March 2023

Explanation of verse

Is it true that all tabi’een scholars agreed that the verse ‘and stay in your houses refers to all women? We’re some of them of the opinion that it only applies to the wives of the Prophet SAW?
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
27th January 2023

Authenticity of this statement

I have read the following narration
Sa‘eed ibn Jubair, may Allah be pleased with him, said, "Allah, the Exalted, will inflict a punishment on a group of people because they played with their private parts."

It has been cited in Tafsirs and some fiqh books without a chain of narrators and the chain/authenticity has not been located. I was wondering, does it being included in fiqh books make it authentic or has it only been used by some fuqaha and is subjected to difference of opinion on its authenticity
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
18th January 2023

Is this type of dua permissible

Aslaamu Alaikum

Is it permissible to make a dua that I get married before my sister. I know its not okay to make dua aganist someone. But I was wondering if making a dua that I get married before my sister. (I would still want her to get married) would be considered a dua aganist her.

Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
12th January 2023

Istikhara about a non muslim

Assalamu alaikum

Can I make istikharah about praying for a non muslim to become a muslim and me marrying him if he does become a muslim
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
8th January 2023

Making a dua for nikkah to not be valid

i made a dua while it was raining and between asr and maghrib for my nikkah to not be valid if i wear a certain type of shoe. if this dua has been accepted, does that mean i should avoid wearing this type of shoe?
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
3rd December 2022

Hadith on masturbation

I read the following hadith on masturbation:

" سبعة لا ينظر الله إليهم يوم القيامة ، ولا يزكيهم ، ولا يجمعهم مع العاملين ، ويدخلهم النار أول الداخلين ، إلا أن يتوبوا ، فمن تاب تاب الله عليه : ناكح يده ، والفاعل ، والمفعول به ، ومدمن الخمر ، والضارب والديه حتى يستغيثا ، والمؤذي جيرانه حتى يلعنوه ، والناكح حليلة جاره " .

and have been told that it is weak. I understand weak hadiths may be used for warnings and it is ok to quote the hadith in this regard. However regarding I have some queries:

1. I have seen some say this hadiths meaning is correct. So does this mean its proof the masturbator is cursed as I have seen others say this hadith is not used for proof that a masturbator is cursed. So is there difference of opinion on this?

2. I read a book which says some jurists have used this narration. So has this narration been accepted by the majority of the fuqaha from the four schools or only some of them. Does this quote from Tafsir ibn kathir say for example the shafis have accepted it:

وقد استدل الإمام الشافعي ، رحمه الله ، ومن وافقه على تحريم الاستمناء باليد بهذه الآية الكريمة ( والذين هم لفروجهم حافظون . إلا على أزواجهم أو ما ملكت أيمانهم ) قال : فهذا الصنيع خارج عن هذين القسمين ، وقد قال : ( فمن ابتغى وراء ذلك فأولئك هم العادون ) وقد استأنسوا بحديث رواه الإمام الحسن بن عرفة في جزئه المشهور حيث قال :
حدثني علي بن ثابت الجزري ، عن مسلمة بن جعفر ، عن حسان بن حميد ، عن أنس بن مالك ، عن النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم قال : " سبعة لا ينظر الله إليهم يوم القيامة ، ولا يزكيهم ، ولا يجمعهم مع العاملين ، ويدخلهم النار أول الداخلين ، إلا أن يتوبوا ، فمن تاب تاب الله عليه : ناكح يده ، والفاعل ، والمفعول به ، ومدمن الخمر ، والضارب والديه حتى يستغيثا ، والمؤذي جيرانه حتى يلعنوه ، والناكح حليلة جاره " .
هذا حديث غريب ، وإسناده فيه من لا يعرف لجهالته ، والله أعلم .

Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
14th September 2021


Assalamu'alaikum. What was the first thing that Allah SWT created?
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
7th July 2021

21:30 says all living things are from water but jinns are from fire and angels are from light

21:30 of the Quran says all living things are from water but jinns are from fire and angels are from light. Can you answer this contradiction please
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
29th May 2021

Making tasbeeh while doing other chores

Assalamualaikum.i am Imran iam from India.i am a student.my question is can we do tasbeeh of allah while doing other chores such as writing,driving,cooking,working etc.is it permissible to do to tasbeeh in such situation or is it considered disrespectul.please answer my question
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
28th March 2020

Accidently reading something about astrology

In Islam it is forbidden to learn magic and astrology but nowadays the knowledge of magic and astrology has become so common that it is extremely widespread to the point that it has become unavoidable. Eg: in newspapers (there is an entire section dedicated to it ) So should even reading newspaper reading be prohibited ? As it is written in the hadith Narrated Abdullah ibn Abbas:

The Prophet (ﷺ) said: If anyone acquires any knowledge of astrology, he acquires a branch of magic of which he gets more as long as he continues to do so.
By the above definition (according to hadith ) everybody on planet earth has learnt magic and is a disbeliever (if you have ever read something about astrology in the newspaper accidently) including sheikhs and scholars and every Muslim!!!!
It is just not possible to not come across something (to read something about astrology accidently )? What is the ruling on this ?
What if you read something about magic or astrology accidently. I was reading a book COMPLETELY NOT RELATED TO ASTROLOGY WHATSOEVER and suddenly while reading I read such and such thing is an astrological sign. I tore the page which said that such and such thing is an astrological sign Can I continue to read the book and learn from it.(Learn the clean things )? As the other parts of the book are important for me to read and learn,memorise ( which are free from anything related to astrology ,related to concepts of marketing )??(This latter part is very important and urgent for me)
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
22nd March 2020


Is keeping a beard fardh or fiqqi sunnah ? I heard a few scholars said that its fiqqi sunnah and i also read that most of the scholars say its fardh and including 4 imaams. May you please tell me what the hanafi school of thought says ?
And concerning the beard can we trim to make it look good ?
And are we allowed to shave ? Is it a sin ?
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
15th March 2020


I heard that the angel of death visits every house 5 times. Is it authentic and may you please also give the reference.
jazakAllah Khairan
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
21st September 2019

Which Quran translation to read


We want to read multiple translation of Quran. From internet among others below translation are available. Is it ok to read them or not.
If not please possibly give reason and alternate translation.

In English
1) Sahih International
2) Ahmed Raza
3) Hilali

In Urdu
1) Kanzul Iman
2) Jalandhri
3) Moududi
4) Muhammad Shafi

In Indonesian
1) Bahasa Indonesia
2) Tafsir Jalalayn

In Russian
1) Muntahab from Egypt
2) Elmir Kuliev

In French
1) Hamidullah

Jazak Allah

Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
14th July 2013

Man from paradise

Who is the man who walked by the prophet(SAW) and the prophet(SAW) said: this man is from jannat. The same thing happened 3 times. Eventually after the narrator spent a few nights with the "jannati" man, he informed him that it was because he forgives everyone before going to sleep. Also, Which book is it from?


He mentions Musnad Imam Ahmad related by Abdullah bin Amr Al-Aas. Can anybody verify?
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
15th May 2012

What does this Quran verse mean

as salaam alaikum wa rahamthullahi wa barakathuhu, We as muslims know from Quran that the previous scriptures, torah n injeel and corrupt (qur'an 4:46, 2:79,3:79,6:91 etc.) and christians who call jesus God are kafirs (5:72,5:73). now my question is after such clear statements i dont understand the verses 5:47 and 5:69 of the Qur'an which seem say the christians and jews are to follow their books and if they believe in Allah they will get salvation, please explain.
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
5th February 2011

The repetition of the word 'We' in the Quran

i'm finding it hard to understand what exactly is meant by the word 'We' repeated everywhere in the Quran, it suggests to me more than one; can you clear this issue for me.
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
3rd January 2010

Tabari (Ibn jarir) on Isa (AS) crucifix

A little while ago, i was reading At-Tabari's tarikh called 'The History of Prophets and Kings Tarikh al-Rusul wal-Muluk' and I came across this page which is kind of contrary to Quran and early Quranic commentators such as Qurtubi Ibn Kathir etc..

Lets start off with the isnad:
According to al-Muthanna- Ishaq b. al-Hajjaj- Isma'il b. 'Abd al-Karim - 'Abd al-Samad b. Ma'qil- Wahb

and also
Ibn Humayd- Ibn Ishaq- Wahb b. Munabbih al-Yamani which says God allowed Jesus the son of mary to die at three o clock, then he took him unto himself.

How reliable is this? Are these narrations sahih? Jazakallah khair
Tafseer, Hadeeth, Du'aa
25th July 2009

To dump the sacred pages

Respectable Schollars,
I want to ask that how we should dump those pages on which there is written the names of Allah and holy prophet and verses of holy Quraan. According to one school of thought these pages should be burnt as the caliph Hazrat Usman (R.A) did. Please guide in the light of Quraan and sunnah?