Salaah - Tahara

Salaah - Tahara
28th June 2006


Does water go through Arak ,which is in Mahdi.OF not will your wudu be compleate.
Salaah - Tahara
18th June 2006

Nose ring/stud

assalamu alaykum
if some has pierced there nose, and now they want the hole to close up are they allowed to keep the stud/ring out whilst doing wudhu,or ghusl?
Salaah - Tahara
11th June 2006

Wear a scarf when entering the toilet?


i was told to wear a scarf when entering the toilet, because their are Jinns that urinate on your head, is that true..if so could you illerate the hadith

also could you tell me what exactly the Jinns do in the toilet

Jazarkhallahu Khayran
Salaah - Tahara
1st May 2006

Masah of head in wudhu

assalaamu alaikum,

When doing masah of the head i try to follow the way shown in taleemul haq so i take 3 fingers of each hand and move them to the back of the head and then putting my palms on the sides of the head and bring them forward. The thing is when taking the three fingers of each hand to the back of my head my hands rub aginst my ears in the process so does this then mean i have to wet my hands again for wiping the sides of the head?

Salaah - Tahara
22nd April 2006

Wudhu- wiping back of neck

Is it an act of bid'ah to wipe the back of the neck in wudhu?
Salaah - Tahara
20th April 2006

ANSWERED: If a person ejaculates inside his trouser...

If a person ejaculates inside his trouser does all his clothes become na-paak or just his trousers?
Salaah - Tahara
13th April 2006


Does smoking break ones wudhu?
In addition...Is 'sheesha' permissable? If not then does this break wudhu?
Salaah - Tahara
1st April 2006



I know the basics of what breaks Wudhu but I think i need to recap and learn again EXACTLY when Wudhu breaks.

Please help if you can.
Salaah - Tahara
31st March 2006

Sunnah or Fard?

Is it SUNNAH or FARD to be with wudhu if u want to touch the Qur'an?
Salaah - Tahara
28th February 2006

Unclean footwear and dhikr

is it permissable to make dua/ do dhikr while walking along the street etc if one has unclean footwear on?
Salaah - Tahara
27th February 2006

Wudhu on socks

Can you wear leather socks on top of normal socks and do masaa?
Salaah - Tahara
19th February 2006

Wudu whilst reading the Quran


I realise that you should only read the Qur'an when you have Wudu, but when you go outside of the house, maybe on public transport etc it is not always possible to keep your wudu, is there anything else that is possible to read or recite???

Salaah - Tahara
5th January 2006

Sattar and the state of wudhu

Assalamu Alaikum

If in the state of wudhu, your sattar (navel to knee) is seen by someone else by mistake, is your wudhu broken? e.g during namaaz someone infront of you goes for rukhu, and his dress sense is so that his lower back side is exposed and seen by mistake by the person behind him, does his wudhu break?

Salaah - Tahara
5th January 2006

Does watching t.v. break wudhu?


does your wudhu still stay after watching t.v.?


Salaah - Tahara
17th November 2005

Wudhu by bath

i just want to know if a person is having a bath is that counted as wudhu

Salaah - Tahara
21st September 2005

Masah over socks

I wanted to ask a question concerning masah over socks or shoes. we have jumah here in school every friday. Most of the kids here go do wudu in the public bathrooms since we dont have a bathroom set aside for just muslim students. I wanted to ask is it allowed to just wipe over our shoes or do we have to take off our shoes and wipe over our sock or do we have to take off our shoes and socks and wipe over our feet and then put everything on.

JazakAllah Kahir

Salaah - Tahara
30th May 2005

Are we allowed to do Masah on Socks

I want to ask three things, first Are we allowed to do Masah on Socks, seconed covering head in prayer is neccessary or not, third inshAllah I will be getting married in few months I want to know what is the best way to give gap in child births according to islamic propective are we allowed to use condoms for this purpose. Please explain in detail. Also suggest some books and Duas for a successful marriage.
Salaah - Tahara
17th May 2005

Water of Eczema

Does the water seeping out from the skin which has eczema, break the wudhu?
Salaah - Tahara
10th April 2005

Salat of a Mazoor

Does a (Mazure) ie someone following the ruling of ISTIHDHA or discharge have to do wudhu for Salat duha, if they already have wudhu from salat fajr?

Salaah - Tahara
20th November 2004

Masah over regular socks

Please refer to article Masah over Regular socks by Mufti Taqi Usmani

In reply to the article I recieved the following:

[quote:7b47f80786]As for the Jarh of the traditions then you should be aware that some scholars have authenticated it.

Alama Ala' El-Din Al-Mardini Al-Turkumani Al-Hanafi in Al-Jawhar Al-Naqi has refuted the claim by Al-Bayhaqi that the narration of Abu Qays Al-Awdi and Huzail cannot be considered given that opposed the great narrators who have narrated this hadith from Al-Mughera -RA- by stating Mash on the Khufain. He said that this narration (i.e Mash ala Jawrabayn) is narrated by Abu Dawud who did not comment on its authenticity and was deemed authentic by Ibn Hibban and Al-Tirmithi declared it "Hassan Saheeh". As for Abu Qays (Abdul-Rahman Ibn Tharwan) then Ibn Mu'een has considered him Thiqqa as well as Al-Ejli , and Al-Ejli considered Huzail as Thiqqa. Also Al-Bukhari has included a joint narration for them in his Sahih.

Secondly, they have not opposed what was narrated by others in such a way that one cannot consider both actions, rather they have narrated an additional thing through a separate way, and hence it is considered as two different hadiths, and accordingly this hadith was considered authentic.

A similar thing was declared by Shiek-ul-Islam Mansour Al-Hanbali in Sharh Al-Eqna': "And some have questioned the authenticity of the hadith because what is known of Al-Mughaira is the narration of (Khufayn)." He said: " And this does not prevent holding both narrations as authentic, so Mash on what has been mentioned earlier (i.e Jawrabayn) is permissible." A similar thing was said by Alam Mulla Ali Al-Qari, a Hanafi scholar, in Sharh Al-Mishkah.

There is also another hadith narrated by Abu Dawuud: Book 1, Number 0146:
Narrated Thawban:
The Messenger of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) sent out an expedition. They were affected by cold. When they returned to the Messenger of Allah (peace_be_upon_him), he commanded them to wipe over turbans and stockings.

Also Ibn Khuzaymah has authenticated the Mash on Jawrabayn as an action done by Ibn Umar. And as I have related to you in the document I sent this has been related of other Sahabah: Umar, Ali, Abu Masood, Al-Bara Ibn Azib, Anas Ibn Malik, Abu Umamah, Sahl Ibn Saad, Amr Ibn Hurayth, and Ibn Abbas - Radia Allahu Anhum-, Saad Ibn Abi Waqas, Amar, Bilal, Ibn Abi Awfa, Al-Mughaira, Abu Musa. According to the most Ulema of Usool if the hadith was correct and acted upon by the companions of the Prophet ?sala Allahu Alyhi Wa Salaam- then it leads to certainty in a similar way that hadith mutawatir would.

In conclusion this hadith is deemed correct by some scholars and has been acted upon by some sahabas and also is in accordance with the Islamic principle of lifting difficulty (Haraj), so is Mash on Khufayn.

Given all of this one can only obey and follow this action of Rasulul- Sala Allahu Alyhi Wa Salam-. Allah ? Subhanahu- said: " So take what the Messenger assigns to you, and deny yourselves that which he withholds from you" [59:7] " You Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern (of conduct)" [33:21] and other verses.

Wa Jazaka Allahu Khaiyran for sharing your information with me, but please consider that the differences of opinions on this issue goes back to the time of Sahaba, and we never heard that anybody refused to pray behind Ameer-ul-Momineen Umar or Ali ?Radia Allahu Anhum- because they made Masah on Jawrabayn or any of the companions I listed , or any of the tabeeyen who made Masah on Jawrabayn or any of the scholars after that. Nor that they have repeated their prayer after they have finished considering their prayer after one who made Masah on Jawrabayn as invalid.[/quote:7b47f80786]

Please address the above .. JazakAllah Khair