Salaah - Tahara

Salaah - Tahara
1st January 2021

Purity of Fixed Wooden Frame

Assalam u Alaikum,
We have a wooden frame in our kitchen. It was made impure by urination of my sister's child who is about 18 months old.This incident took place before 3-4 months.Now today we cleaned the kitchen with a wet cloth.Has the cloth been impured and conequently all the places where it was used?Does the immovable wooden frame not fit into the definition of earth and earth becomes pure after the urine dries thereby the wooden frame also?
Salaah - Tahara
29th December 2020

Breaking the wudhu

As-salaamu Alaykum.

What are those things that break the wudhu?
Salaah - Tahara
22nd October 2020

While defecating (pooping) 1-2 drops of white liquid comes from my urinating area

Asw Some times while defecating (pooping) 1-2 drops of white liquid comes from my urinating area (penile track) Should I need to take a ghusl after this for namaz
Salaah - Tahara
1st May 2020

Unsure of the performance of salah

Assalam o Alaykum
What to do if i see pus on my foot a minute after i have completed my salah, and i am unsure whether it came out during salah or not? Should i perform salah again?
Salaah - Tahara
13th April 2020

Incorrect wadhu

Someone told me that one of the fard of wadhu washing your mouth (not face) so I started doing it from many months . Now I got to know that washing your face is fard. Now do I have to repeat all my salah? Because I didn't know remember about the fard before? Plz help
Salaah - Tahara
1st April 2020

Salah purity, do I have to repeat it in this specific case mentioned.

Salam dear respected brother/sister.I have two questions.Previously I had a urine problem (but now realise I needed to let drops come out for a few minutes in the toilet),and so I used to pray sitting as sujood would cause drops to come out and affect my purity during prayer.I found out later that I should have stood up and prayed ignoring the drops.Do I have to repeat these prayers and am I sinful for delaying them.My second question is that I owe 1000 pounds worth of expiation for oaths.I am 15 and so can’t access and send the money I have for a few years.Do I wait till I have access or make it up by means of fasting right now.I would ask my parents but know they wouldn’t listen.These matters are shaking my belief and so I ask that you please reply as soon as possible.Jazakallah khairun.
Salaah - Tahara
5th February 2020

Performing Salah in the state of being unable to perform Wudhu and do Tayammum.

If I was in a plane in the sate of the bigger impurity (i.e. in need of Ghusl) then should I have prayed Salah as I cannot perform Ghusl nor do tayammum, if i didn't then the time for Salah would pass and I would miss it. I heard somewhere that the 4 Imams have 4 separate opinions regarding this. Can you please tell me them.
Jazakallahu khairan.
Salaah - Tahara
1st January 2020

Wudhu and Normal daily feminine discharge

Asalamualaykum. I would like to know why scholars say that normal daily vaginal discharge invalidates wudu for women. Is there anywhere in The Quran or a Hadith regarding this? I am not talking about istihadah (irregular non-menstrual bleeding). I am talking about the daily normal discharge that every woman gets. How can this invalidate wudu? It is like saliva, we all experience saliva on a daily basis and it does not invalidate fasting to swallow it, so how can normal daily discharge be a cause for invalidating wudu? It is a hardship for women to do wudu for every salah, especially when she is busy or away from her house. What about when she goes for Hajj or Umrah? It's even more difficult to renew wudu for every salah in those circumstances. I think male scholars don't fully understand this issue because they don't experience it themselves. Women have this every day, just like we have saliva every day. It it just normal discharge that happens every day, so why does it invalidate wudu? I do not believe that Allah would put such a hardship on women. Please can you provide proof from The Quran or Hadith which clearly explains about a woman's normal daily discharge? Jazak Allah Khayr.
Salaah - Tahara
27th November 2019

Washing clothes which are impure with semen

I am really confused on washing impure clothes those are touched with maney. I want myself to clear on below my questions.

1. Do I have to wash impure clothes before ghusl only? Or later bath also can I wash when I get free time?

2. While washing impure clothes with soap/without soap, the impurity from the clothes will also be touched to my hands. So to wash my hands, I need to touch buckets and mugs and clean water also. So then the impurity will also be touched to mug, bucket n water.
So I am anxiety that mug, bucket and water also gets imputed? I am wasting lot of water and spending lot of time in these things? But these things are general and common to every Muslim. But I am more concerned on my purity. I am not doing any innovative here. But these questions were raised in me and there is no clarity on how to wash these clothes without touching mug/bucket/water?

These questions making me more difficulties in life and giving mental anxiety.
Could you please help me with more detailed answers based on Quran and Our prophet Muhammad?
Could you please guide me/clear my feelings.
Salaah - Tahara
29th September 2019

Tayammum while travelling by car

Assalamu Alaikum,

One of my colleagues told me that you can do tayammum by touching the back of the chair of the car or the top/floor of the running car while traveling if you don't have any water for Wudu. Is this correct?
Salaah - Tahara
26th March 2014

Special Socks due to operation

Question - Salam, if someone had an operation, and the feet are in special socks, does he wash the feet or can he do tayyamum?
Has had Hernia operation, but he has to wear special socks post surgery.
Salaah - Tahara
14th July 2013

Plaster whilst doing Ghusl

Salaams, i have a question, was wondering if any of the moulanas could answer it, i had a plaster on(the size of half my thumb) whilst i did ghusl, i totally forgot about it and then prayed maghrib, was my ghusl counted? Would i have to repeat my maghrib? Re-do my salaah? Im assuming my ghusl was not counted right? Because every bit of the body even the size of a hair space must be made wet during ghusl. What do you suggest?
I had the plaster on the back of my foot btw
(Question posted as received)
Salaah - Tahara
1st November 2012

Wudu breaks in jamaat

If a muqtadi breaks wudu in jamaat and is in middle rows, should he immediately go for wudu?
Will he be allowed to walk in front of and through rows?
If he leaves and a gap is created in his place, how should other praying muqtadis close that gap?
If there is no chance of him coming back in time for remaining prayer, should he still leave?

Please also tell what happens in a jamaat of only two persons, where either the imam or muqtadi breaks wudu?

Salaah - Tahara
24th October 2012


Respected Elders Salamualaikum w.w

How should the clothes be washed if the clothes are wet with Mazi ( the colourless liquid, not sperm, which comes out due to sexual thoughts)?
It is enough to rub the cloth with a little water or does it require a complete wash.?

May the Almighty accepts your efforts and reward you in the best possible way.
Salaah - Tahara
15th May 2012


I often discharge a white substance during salah but sometimes i can finish salah before i discharge so would i be classed as an ma'zur?
Salaah - Tahara
15th May 2012



I,ve got small scars on my private part where the skin overlaps (like a pocket), the problem is sometimes there is dirt in the scar, i,ve tried my best to clean it , but as it is sensitive and the scars are very small i,ve been unsuccesfull.

Is my fard ghusl valid despite water not reaching inside the scar and dirt?



Salaah - Tahara
15th May 2012

Masah of the head in wudhu

According to all four madhabs how is the wiping of the head done in wudu?
Salaah - Tahara
14th March 2012

Eye lenses

actually my eyes sight is weak and even with glasses i can't see properly so doctor have suggested to wear contact lenses that make my vision clear. lenses are weared at the start of the day and removed when i get to bed late night, so they are in my eyes whole day even when i do wudhu.
my question is that when i do wudhu while wearing lenses, is it permissible and my wudhu is completed or not?
one more information for you that lenses are not very easily removed and weared.
i know washing face is farz in wudhu and whole face should be wet, is that means eyes from inside should be wet as well? please guide me.
Salaah - Tahara
31st December 2011

Problem with cleanliness

Asalamualaikum respected mufti saheb

i do wudhu in the morning at 9 before i start uni. Most of the time i am able to spend the day without the need to go toilet until late afternoon or even early evening. Anytime i have broken my wudhu during the day would not be through istinja and i would merely do my wudhu again and not go toilet. Sometimes during the day i feel a slight need to go toilet but i hold it in slightly and delay going due to my timetable. Later in the evening when i do go toilet many occasions i see white marks on my underwear. This would have come out sometime during the day without me even realising. Having read this please assist me with the following:

1. Would this white stuff be mani, mazi or wadi if it came out during the day and i cannot recall any moment when i may have had any shahwat thoughts and it came out without me even realising?

2. During the day anytime i needed to perform salah i either had wudhu from before or just repeated my wudhu. If this stuff had come out without me realising then how would i know if my wudhu had actually broken or not?

3. When the stuff came out without me realising it would presumably make my underwear napak and due to me not being aware of it coming out i may have performed salaah with this napak on my clothes. What would the status of my namaz be if i happened to be napak without realising?

4. Upon noticing the whiteness how should i go about cleaning it?

5. The main issue is that during the day when the white stuff has come out without me realising i would have most likely performed salaah like that. Would all those namaz i performed be accepted or not? If not how do i know how many to do qadha of because i do not know exactly how many namaz was done it that state because i dont know when it happened.

This is a problem which happens quite frequently and i am worried about the status of my salah. I have tried to explain everything as best as i can please help with this matter

Jazakallahu khair may Allah reward you abundantly
Salaah - Tahara
29th November 2011

Reoccurring dream in which I am defecating

Dear Mufti Saahib

Assalaamu alaykum.

I keep having a reoccurring dream in which I am defecating. This is not a one off dream I have had this same dream a number of times. As far as I can remember sometimes I am trying to clean myself (istanja) but the part where I am defecating is reoccurring and now has me worried. If it was a one-off dream I would not have bothered you.

The only thing that come to my mind is that I have a urine problem (which is common to others as well) in that when I have finished urinating I have to squeeze and cough a number of times to make sure all the urine is out and that none of it will come out on my clothes. It is possible than on a few occasions I am a little careless but at the same time I cannot over due things and cause damage to the male organ.

I hope you can advise. JizakAllah for your time in answering my questions.