Salaah - Tahara

Salaah - Tahara
2nd August 2021

Condition of a mazoor

If a person is considered a mazoor whereby they have to make fresh wudhu for each salah. Are they able to make fresh wudhu and pray Tahajjud And then pray fajr if the time is close for example, 15 minutes? Or would they need to make fresh wudhu, pray tahajjud and make fresh wudhu again for fajr?

Salaah - Tahara
17th May 2021

Possible impure feet on carpets

My brother was showering and I needed to urinate. As I waited I went down the stairs and tripped on my jubbah and realised the urine onto the carpet but it was not abundant, the carpet was more so damp. My mother stepped on it and said it wasnt wet and continued to walk everywhere else. My brother also went down the stairs with his bare feet. After cleaning the stairs, it had become wet. My mother did wudhu before so her feet are pure but my brother did not. (1)If he steps on to the wet carpet, will he make it impure again? (2)And when my mum stepped on the damp area, she said her feet were dry, does it mean her feet is pure?
Salaah - Tahara
16th May 2021


Assalamu Aalikum,

My question is regarding the Tayammum. Now a days, because there is a fear of catching a disease (Covid) by using public places for doing wudu, is it permissible to do Tayammum instead of wudu while traveling on the airports and while traveling intercity.

In this case, water is available but there is a fear of catching a disease by using a public toilets specially on airports.

Please help with this issue.


Salaah - Tahara
15th May 2021

Ghusl with dried mucus

Assalamu alaykum! At night (around 1 a.m I did my obligatory ghusl) and went to bed but after 4 -5 hours I noticed little amount of dried mucus remained in my nostrils.I removed it and washed my nose with water and performed fajr prayer.Was my ghusl valid or should I have repeated my ghusl?
Salaah - Tahara
4th March 2021

Excusable Impurity

Salam aleykoum ,( first of all sorry for my english its not my first language )
i choosed hannafi school because every time i go to urinate, after 15 minutes i have some last drop of urine that goes out( its not waswas because i see it and i have 0 medical problem) and i have heard that in this school there is an excusable size of impurity but now im asking my self so much others questions and i dont pray because of that :

1- The excusable size of impurity is 5 cm of diameter of a circle or its just a line of 5cm ?
1.1 it means that someone can pray if there is in his clothes and himself less then 5cm of diameter of a circle of impurity right ?
2.If there is a impurity like a drop of urine in my underwear and the underwear touch my pants how do i count it ( for example if there is 1cm of urine in my underwear and it touch 1cm of my pants is it 2cm/5cm or its 1cm/5cm )
3.If there is a drop of urine on my underwear and i think it touched my pants but i don't see it how do i count ?
4. Now if there is a drop of urine on my underwear but im sure it went on my pants but i don't see it how do i count ?
5.How can i be sure that the last drop of urine will go in the same place every time i go to the toilet ? because i dont put exactly at 1cm close my underwear, if the last drop of urine doesnt go on the same place it means that i will have to clean my underwear every 4time i go to the toilet
6.Now if the drop of urine is dry because it was from yesterday how can i count it ?
7.Last question i have heard that if sperm is dry we can just scratch it then we can pray with the same clothes but if there still have some that you cant scratch but its dry, is it possible to pray with this clothes or not ?
can you please explain me clearly this exusable impurity because i have see no where something clear
Salaah - Tahara
13th May 2021

Reading in clothes that are impure.

Slms, I have a question with regards to impurities on clothing. Is it possible to read duas for example like entering and leaving the home and other duas that may contain ayats from the quran if your clothing has impurities like urine etc. on them?
Salaah - Tahara
13th March 2021

Impure things

Assalamulykim.i want to know if i use any impure ingredients like shampoo conditioners
And i make wudu and.pray my prayer
Is my prayer valid?
Salaah - Tahara
7th March 2021

About najasah.

Assalamualaikum. A person live in a house that one member of the family did not clean the impure correctly. There is still the najasah in the floor even though she think she has clean it. When he advice her that what was her doing is wrong, she would not listen. So when the other family members walk on top of the najasah, najasah move to every place without peoples realizing. One person in the family realizing that but could not know where the najasah has move to in the house. What is the law on that situation for prayer and did the najasah is forgiven?
Salaah - Tahara
8th May 2021

What If someone Found impurity after completion of salah.

Assalamu Alaykum Sayekh, If someone Found impurity after completion of salah, then his/her salah is valid? or that salah needs to be repeated (qadha)?? Please answer according to the Hanafi Fiqh.
Salaah - Tahara
3rd May 2021

Urine drops after doing wudu whilst in preforming Farhd Salah

Dear Respect Sheihk, After performing wudu I have a problem which is that I get urine discharge whilst performing salah, I am unable to finish salah and need to do wudu at least twice or even three times or more in one salah. A place a tissue and when I check there’s urine on it so I do wudu and perform the salah again. This happens all the time. Jazahk-Allah
Salaah - Tahara
20th April 2021

Dirt in ear

Asalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

I had hurt my ear where there is a contour which we wipe whilst doing wudu (the Inside corner Of the contour) Two days ago. I could feel some sort of liquid coming out and decided not to touch it and let it dry because I didn’t want to do anything to make it worse. When doing wudu I would wipe over the area but I had not removed the liquid That had dried at that point. Today whilst cleaning that area of the ear I had found dirt that had was probably the liquid that had dried which would’ve caused a barrier in my wudu. Does this cause my wudu to be invalid. I know that some say that cleaning the ear isn’t Necessary but suppose it is. Is what I did wrong and therefore am I required to make up the prayers I Prayed in this condition.
Salaah - Tahara
30th April 2021

When to pray salaah if having wind problem but not mazoor?

Asslamualaikum. I have flatulence. But not mazoor due to it. I mean most of the times I have this but not all the time. So, what is the Islamic rule regarding performing prayers at the times when I don't have this problem? Jazak Allah
Salaah - Tahara
30th April 2021

Bleeding gums

I suffer with constant bleeding gums but the blood does not flow out of my mouth does my wudu break do I have to perform a fresh wudu for every Salah
Salaah - Tahara
25th April 2021

Not sure if Mani or wadi

Assalamualaikum. My question is this.
If in wakefulness you think about stuff and madhi came out due to it, but your not sure if Mani also came out due to it, (I always have wadi so I'm not sure if it was wadi or Mani. Basically wadi came out for sure but I'm not sure if there was also Mani with it.) do you go according to what you think it is? Or is it like the ruling for if you see discharge after you wake up and you remember or don't remember seeing a wet dream -(if doubt whether it's mani or madhi or wadi, you need to take a fard shower.)?
Salaah - Tahara
22nd April 2021

Due to contisipation my wudu breaks and also urine feces.

Sheikh, due to the constipation problem I break my wudu. When I need to (poop) it dont comes out and then when I pray I am scared that it would come out in the form of farting and it come out. I canot do (poop) for long even I stays in the bathroom for too long. Also, the urine feces. I am having urine problem too. Urine comes out when I pray its little but it came out everytime I pray. What can I do? Am I ma'zur in this situation?
Please let me know jzzk
Salaah - Tahara
20th April 2021

Purity and ghusl

Sorry to bother you but i forgot some questions
I try to amend them on the last one but it couldn't work

1. I feel like my impurities and semen make the whole house impure like if i miss one spot and somone comes in bathroom after me they whole namaz and fasts are incomplete and thats cuz of me and im giving them the sin.

2. I have doubts that i did not do ghusl properly i remove the impurities i make intention by saying i want to remove any impurities on my body so that i can pray and fast and that im purified and in state of ghusl.
Then i wash up to my elbows 3 times
Then gargle my mouth with water 3 times
Then i shower my head and neck with water flowing over it and wash my right shoulder 3 times then repeat with left .
Is this the right way.

I feel like when i drop an impurity or someone touches me it breaks their ghusl
Salaah - Tahara
8th March 2021


I want to know that, while washing yourself at the back, if you put your finger inside too much do you have to perform fardh ghusl.
Salaah - Tahara
5th March 2021

Writing ball pen prevents water from reaching out the skin?

Assalamu A'laikum Sayekh, Will I Have to repeat my salah if there is a small amount of ink of handwriting ball pen ink in my hand what I found after Completion of salah??? In such case, my salah is valid? Or Will I have to repeat my salah? I want answer according to the Hanafi Fiqh please.
Salaah - Tahara
20th January 2021

Performed ghusl 3 times

I had to make ghusl after my period the night before i had a shower before ghusl, i did ghusl the first time then did it an additional time to make sure and then did it in warmer water after my shower i rubbed my skin and saw black and grey come off i’m
not sure if this is a barrier simply because i cant see it nor feel it in my daily activities and my pores had opened up so i scrubbed the limbs in which i saw this from
vigorously and then began to be very nervous as i also suffer from
waswas but islamqa had said dirt from the body isn’t a barrier but i’m still confused. i did ghusl again for the 3rd time and after wards rubbed my stomach and saw this and washed it seperatly but is this a barrier it’s not hard not visible
Salaah - Tahara
21st January 2021

Is Wudu accepted if I wash more than 3 times

As Salaam u Alaikum,

My question is in regards to wudu validity. Whenever I make wudu, I usually wash the body parts that need to be washed more than 3 times. The reason for this is because I was told from a young age that you have to have water cover every part of the body part that you are washing. But when I wash a body part 3 times, I feel as though there are some parts that haven't been covered by water, so I proceed to wash it more than 3 times. I just recently found out that washing a body part more than 3 times intentionally is not allowed as the Prophet(pbuh) never did so. So my question is, is my wudu still valid if I wash body parts more than 3 times? And will be prayer be accepted if I pray with that wudu? If my prayer is not accepted, then do I have to now make up all the prayers I made with that wudu in the past? Also since I can't wash more than 3 times, what am I supposed to do if after washing 3 times, there is still some small spot that wasn't washed?

As Salaam u Alaikum