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Excusable Impurity

Last updated: 27th January 2020
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Salam aleykoum ,( first of all sorry for my english its not my first language ) i choosed hannafi school because every time i go to urinate, after 15 minutes i have some last drop of urine that goes out( its not waswas because i see it and i have 0 medical problem) and i have heard that in this school there is an excusable size of impurity but now im asking my self so much others questions and i dont pray because of that : 1- The excusable size of impurity is 5 cm of diameter of a circle or its just a line of 5cm ? 1.1 it means that someone can pray if there is in his clothes and himself less then 5cm of diameter of a circle of impurity right ? 2.If there is a impurity like a drop of urine in my underwear and the underwear touch my pants how do i count it ( for example if there is 1cm of urine in my underwear and it touch 1cm of my pants is it 2cm/5cm or its 1cm/5cm ) 3.If there is a drop of urine on my underwear and i think it touched my pants but i don't see it how do i count ? 4. Now if there is a drop of urine on my underwear but im sure it went on my pants but i don't see it how do i count ? 5.How can i be sure that the last drop of urine will go in the same place every time i go to the toilet ? because i dont put exactly at 1cm close my underwear, if the last drop of urine doesnt go on the same place it means that i will have to clean my underwear every 4time i go to the toilet 6.Now if the drop of urine is dry because it was from yesterday how can i count it ? 7.Last question i have heard that if sperm is dry we can just scratch it then we can pray with the same clothes but if there still have some that you cant scratch but its dry, is it possible to pray with this clothes or not ? can you please explain me clearly this exusable impurity because i have see no where something clear

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

You do not need to be excessively finicky about this. Remember, Religion is easy.

The solution to this is wait until your satisfied that urine drops has stopped before doing Wudhu. As you experience few drops of urine check your clothes to see and just wash it or wrap a tissue around the private part as long as the tissue doesn’t get wet your Wudhu will still be intact.

The ruling of impurity found after Salah is if when someone did Wudhu and Salah without checking and the size of the impurity is more than a dirham coin I.e. 50p coin or 5.94cm which is the circumference of the inner part of the palm, then after Salah it will be Fard to wash it and redo your Wudhu and Salah. If it is less than the size of a dirham as mentioned then Salah will be valid but Makruh and it is Mustahab to wash it.

With regards to your last question about dry semen. The method of cleaning dry semen is by scraping it off from clothes and body . If the semen is wet then you need to wash it. If you can’t scrape it then you need to wash it.

ومن كان بطئ الإستبراء فليفتل نحو ورقة مثل الشعيرة و يحتشي بها في الإحليل فإنها تتشرب ما بقي من أثر الرطوبة التي يخاف خروجها و ينبغي أن يغيبها في المحل لئلا تذهب الرطوبة إلي طرفها الخارج

كل ما يخرج من بدن الانسان مايوجب خروجه الوضوء أوالغسل فهو مغلظ...... فاذا أصاب الثوب أكثر من قدرالدرهم يمنع جواز الصلوة كذافي المحيط
(الفتاوى العالمكيرية ج.1 ص.46 رشيدية)

قوله وإن كره تحريما والاقرب إن غسل الدرهم ما دونه مستحب مع العلم به والقدرة علي غسله تركه حينئذ خلاف الأولي
(رد المحتار، ١/٢٩٢،سعيد)

ويطهر المني الجاف بفركه عن الثوب والبدن ويطهر المني الرطب بغسله
(حاشية الطحطاوي،١٦٥،العلمية)

And Allah knows best

20 Jumadal Ula Akhar 1442/ 03 February 2021

Answer last updated on:
4th March 2021
Answered by:
Ulamaa ID 04
Location: London