Salaah - Recitation

Salaah - Recitation
1st January 2007

Quran recite

when a person is praying salaat with jammat in zohr/asr does he have to recites surah fatha and a surah. is there any namaaz in which a person needs to recite quran in?
Salaah - Recitation
24th October 2006

Language of invocation in salah

If someone doesn't know arabic,is he allowed to offer salaah in his own language?
Salaah - Recitation
11th June 2006

Forgetting Surah after Faatihah

Assallamualaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu...If someone forgets to read a surah after al-fatihah (as in asr or zhuhr) in the first is that salah regarded as invalid for both the imam and the people praying behind him?
Salaah - Recitation
5th March 2006

Reciting Surah behind the imam..


i used to recite surah while i was praying in the jamaat behind the imam.i heard that you are not supposed to recite surah using your tongue but not loudly behind the imam.whenever i hear the imam recite...i automatically start reciting behind him silently.i just wanted to make sure if this is right or me with the right procedure of praying in a jamaat behind the imam.

i wud appreciate it if i get a reply.AllahHafiz

Salaah - Recitation
25th September 2005

Salaat Tasbeeh

It is said to recite third kalima 300 times in this salaat. Third
Kalima consists of two ayats. It is said to recite first part, i.e
" Subhaan Allahi Wal Hamdulillahi Wa Laa ilaha illal Laahu Wallahu Akbar ".
However, someone told me to recite full Kalima i.e, the second part as well.
Please clarify.

Salaah - Recitation
7th September 2005

Mother and salaah

Is it permissble to read the Surah up to where one knows in salat?

my friend has a question .. Her Mum knows all of surha Yahsin instaed of that 2-3 raqoo she was wondering if it is permissble to read the surha up to where she knows in salat? Jazak Allah khair. Your respectable team are helping all of us alot.
Salaah - Recitation
4th August 2005

Sajd tilaawat

Assalamu aliakkum

If someone hears the ayah of sajdah talawat on a tape or CD then should he do sajdah? Please explain if you do then why and if you don?t then why?
Salaah - Recitation
20th July 2005

Swaying/rocking whilst reciting


I have heard that swaying or rocking while reciting the Quran is imitative of the Jews.

Is this true, and if so does this mean that it is reprehensible?

Jazakallah Khairun

Salaah - Recitation
2nd June 2005

Regents park masjid

this is a link of 1 of the sheikh that come regents park everyyear 4 taraweeh listen to him and let me no wot u think jazakomollah
Salaah - Recitation
11th January 2005

ANSWERED: Reciting letters from the wrong place

Assalmu alaykum,

To recite with tajweed is wajib in salaah.

However whilst reciting what if a mistake is made [i:8d5d522dea]knowingly[/i:8d5d522dea], but one cannot immediatly correct it. So for example one is reading and lets say he is about to recite a letter ha (the heavy ha from the chest) but becasue he cannot understand arabic he forgets whether it was the heavy ha from the chest or the one from the throat he should be reciting. What does he do, which ha should he recite? What if he recites the wrong ha, he is in salaah so he cannot check it immediatly. what if afterwards he checks it and realises that he recited the wrong ha, is his salaah invalid and he must repeat? This also goes for many other letters such as Saad and saa or Tha and taa etc.

So must every letter be correctly pronouced from the correct place of origin or if it sounds something like the correct letter it is fine to read it like that. But if this is the case then there would be no differnce in similar sounding letters as for example Saad and saa would be read without distinguishment in salaah.

May Allah reward you.

was salaam
Salaah - Recitation
12th December 2004

ANSWERED: waqf on hamza

if one wants to do waqf on hamza, when it come after a madd, how is the correct way of doing so ?
does he pronounce the harkat on the hamza? or does the hamza remain silent?
eg. in

3rd line Al'ishaaa i

sorry couldn't find a smaller example (in a hurry)
Salaah - Recitation
8th October 2004

ANSWERED: incorrect recitation in salah


say if the imam is incorrectly pronouncing words in salah, does this invalidate the salah? Like for example the Imam says "zaalikah" instead of "dhaalika" and instances such as these?

and also, is it recommended or is it fardh to recite every single letter of a word correctly?
Salaah - Recitation
7th October 2004

ANSWERED: Sajdah at-Tilaawah according to Ahnaaf

According to Ahnaaf, if there is a Sajdah at-tilaawah, and you are reading behind a Shafi'ee, then will the Salah be accepted if the Sajdah is not done?
Salaah - Recitation
7th October 2004

ANSWERED: Minimum verses is Salah

I know that the minimum that can be read in Salah after Surah Fatihah is 3 small sentances or 1 sentance equivelant to 3 sentances. How many words or letters minimum is equivelant to 3 small sentances?