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Saying Ameen behind Imam

Last updated: 19th January 2007
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Assalamoalaykum Mufti Saab,

I was taught as a child that after the imam recites surah fathia in salah that the muqtadi says ameen after in a quiet low voice (ahanaf).

My question is that if you are following someone in salah who follows a different opinion that Ameen must be said aloud, should we say it out load also or maintin saying it quietly?

The reason i ask this question is because i came across the hadith that an imam should always be followed in all mannors.

Jazakallah Khair


Al-jawab billahi at-taufeeq (the answer with Allah's guidance)

A Hanafi should maintain reciting the Ameen quietly, he will not be going against the Imam. Hence, a person will only be going against the Imam in Arkan (integrals) and necessary acts in Salah i.e. Takbeer, Qiyam, Qa'dah, Ruku, Sujud, Salam etc. As for the former case, this is subject to Ijtihad (legal reasoning).

If Ameen was recited loudly then there would be no problem.

A Hanafi can follow behind an Imam who is a Shafi', Hanbali and Maliki.

If the person following such an Imam comes to know something that he believes will render his prayer invalid, like flowing of blood and other things, then, following him is not valid for him. In the case, if he did not know his Salah will be valid. (Al Hidaya)

And Only Allah Ta'ala Knows Best.

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24th October 2012
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