Salaah - Recitation

Salaah - Recitation
20th March 2023

Reciting out loud Taraweeh, Witr und Qada Prayers

Assalamu aleykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh Shaykh,

I know that we can recite the Maghrib, Isha and Fajr prayers out loud on our own.
But what about the Salatul Witr, Taraweeh, and Qada prayers?

Barakallahu feekum
Salaah - Recitation
10th July 2022

Accidentally said Allahu Akbar after Fatiha

I accidentally said Allahu Akbar after reciting surah fatiha in Salah. Do i need to redo salah?
Salaah - Recitation
8th August 2021

Is namaz complete without surah fatiha when I am in congregation.

Is my namaz valid without reciting surah fatiha behind Imam in congregation.
Salaah - Recitation
5th July 2021

Prostration while reading translation oh Holy Quran

I have two questions
First I want to know that is it mandatory to prostrate immediately when u recite the prostrate ayat in Quran or u may may offer prostrate latter.
Secondly, whether the prostrate is mandatory when u only read the translation of Quran in any other language e.g urdu or english.
Salaah - Recitation
14th June 2021

Correction of kalma

Assalam u Alaikum, Is صبحان اللہ right in written form or not?
Salaah - Recitation
21st April 2021

OCD in fatiah recitation

Salam alaykom. Sometimes I have ocd in fatiah while reciting it quietly or maybe out loud. I know how to perfectly recite this surah but sometimes I get ocd and whispers about the letters and it sounds like I pronounced certain letters wrong maybe due to the saliva in my mouth, the letter might not sound perfect , but the overall thing is I just want to find an answer. Jazak’Allah
Salaah - Recitation
31st December 2019

Reciting Sarahs behind imam in congregation fard prayer

As-salamu alaykum!

while praying Fard Salah behind imam in congregation prayers like Jumua or every day fard prayers behind imam, I am having below doubts on mind. Due to the below doubts I am not able to perform my namaz satisfactorily.

1.Do I have to recite Surah Fatiha and other Surahs ?
2.if I want to recite Surah Fatiha, then I have say ameen at the end of my recitation of fatiha. And also, I have to say ameen at the end of imam recitation. Is this right?
3. In loud and silent PRAYERS, While imam Reciting Fatiha Surah and other Surahs , Do I have to recite same Suras as well? What is the best way of praying Salah while behind imam in 4 and 2 and 3rakah? It would be appreciated If you could share your valuable answers based upon Quran and Our prophet Muhammad (PUBH).
Salaah - Recitation
26th December 2019

Imam reciting quran after every prayer

Assalam aleikum.i wanted to ask about quran my nearby masjid imam makes group zikr and after that some recitatation quran ayat is it okay? Which is better to make zikr after fard prayer or after sunnah prayer ?
Salaah - Recitation
24th October 2012

Saying Ameen behind Imam

Assalamoalaykum Mufti Saab,

I was taught as a child that after the imam recites surah fathia in salah that the muqtadi says ameen after in a quiet low voice (ahanaf).

My question is that if you are following someone in salah who follows a different opinion that Ameen must be said aloud, should we say it out load also or maintin saying it quietly?

The reason i ask this question is because i came across the hadith that an imam should always be followed in all mannors.

Jazakallah Khair
Salaah - Recitation
15th May 2012


hello i am trying to read namaz all 5 times but i cant because in the fajar i wake up and i sleep i didnt read namaz and when is the time or namaz in the day every time sometinh came in my mind that read in a while so then namaz get kaza so what i have to do i need to read all 5 times of namaz on time
Salaah - Recitation
15th May 2012

Namaaz behind imaam

Assalamu alaikum,

When reading namaz behind the imam should the follower say allahu akber always when the imam says it i.e before going into ruku,sajadah and should the follower also say assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah with imam or is the imams recitation of allahu akber and assalamu alaikum warahmatulllah sufficient?

Salaah - Recitation
29th August 2008

Tahujjud Salaat

Assalaamu alykum, I am thinking of starting to read Tahujjud salaat as a way of asking Allah SWT to re-unite me with my estranged children, please make duaa for me.

I understand that the best time to read this salaat is the third part of the night, but if i were to recite it anytime after midnight, would it still be valid tahujjud salaat ?
Salaah - Recitation
10th August 2008

After Salah


I've seen alot of people after their fardh Salah recite 'ya Qawiyu' 11 times whilst placing their right hand on their forehead, and then recite 'ya Nooru' 11 times, blow on their fingers and rubb over eyes. Is there any evidence for this in the shariah? JazakAllah Khair

Salaah - Recitation
4th August 2008


salaam, evytime i do my wudhu n go to the mosque i hear swears in my head which devil is whispering, this only happens wen i ave wudhu, ive tryd ways n means to over come it bt will my namaz count n will my wudhu be intact if these swears happen in my head?? id be gratful for ur advice.
Salaah - Recitation
1st July 2007


1. I have alot of qadha salaats outstanding, when i go in jamaat 40 days i normally go to places where i become a musaafir, i here have the opportunity to pray alot of qadha namaazes. I am aware of the ruling that a musaafir does not have to pray sunnat e muakkadah, when i go in jamaat can i pray my qadha namaazes instead of the sunnat e muakkadah.

2. Can i pray the recitation of the quran loudly in qadha namaazes?, if yes which ones?

Salaah - Recitation
27th June 2007

Reading bismillah in namaz

salaams. i would like to know the rule of praying basmala jahran (loudly) in the last few surahs when the quraan is being finished!!
Is it permissible or what??
it would be helpful if you could answer by tonight!!
Salaah - Recitation
12th June 2007

Loud Recitation

Asslamu Alaimkum Warehmatuallah; Why Dose Muslim Offer Zuhar and Asar Salaah Silence When Fajar, Magrib and Isha are offerd in loud Recitation. What is the Reasoning Behind this Please Explain In Detail. Please Give the References where the answer is given or explained from. Jazakallah Hair
Salaah - Recitation
6th June 2007

Weak memory

On the website Ask under the heading men Question 11400, its says how to imporve ur memory the thing is that the surah mentioned in the answer idont no them so is there any other surah's i can pray or anthing else i can do to improve my memoy?
Salaah - Recitation
1st June 2007

While Performing Zuhar and Asar

Asslamu Alaimkum Warehmatuallah; Why Dose Muslim Offer Zuhar and Asar Salaah Silence When Fajar, Magrib and Isha are offerd in loud Recitation. What is the Reasoning Behind this Please Explain In Detail. Please Give the References where the answer is given or explained from. Jazakallah Hair
Salaah - Recitation
8th January 2007

Recite extra surah

1)in the 3rd or 4th rakat of farz salah, if a person recites a surah after surah fatiha. does sajda sahw bcome waajib
2) according to shariat what is the difference between farz and waajib