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Last updated: 21st May 2005
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21st May 2005

What if 5 to 10 minutes are left in Asr Salah. Can I still pray my 4 Faraz of Asr or do I have to wait & make it Qaza (delay and pray it later)? was salaam

Bismihi Ta'ala

In the above-mentioned question, one must very quickly, but with all the regulations of Salaah, perform his or her Asr prayer. However, it is Makrooh to delay the Asr prayer till this time and this sort of Salaah has been described by Rasoolullah as the Salaah of Munaafiq (hypocrite). This should be avoided.

And Allah knows best.

Answer last updated on:
21st May 2005
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Ulamaa ID 01