Ramadhan and Fasting

Ramadhan and Fasting
14th November 2005

Injection during fast

As salamu alaykum

Is it permissible to take an injection whilst fasting?

What happens if someone does!

Ramadhan and Fasting
12th November 2005

Fasting in the month of shawaal


I am trying to do 6 razas in the month of shawaal because of their significance.I have missed few roza's of ramadaan.For which i have an intention of keeping them inshalla this year.some one told me that i have to keep all my qazaa roza's of many years first than i can fast for Shawaal.could you please explain how does that work.I became ill about 10 years ago,but still trying to fast in the holly month of ramadaan.

Ramadhan and Fasting
7th November 2005

Smear test

Are women allowed to have a smear test taken in the month of Ramadhan? Does the test invalidate the fast?

Can you please clarify as this is is always a debate.


Ramadhan and Fasting
7th November 2005

Duas on the ramadaan timetable

asalaam alaikum please could you tell me what should be done with the ramadaan timetable after ramadaan is over, as the dua for keeping and opening fast is written on it.usually i cut out the dua and discard the rest,and also on eid cards and wedding cards as bismillah is also written on these items, jazakula w salaam
Ramadhan and Fasting
5th November 2005

Haiz during fast

salaamz....if ur fasting and u start ur haiz den can u break ur fast

Ramadhan and Fasting
22nd October 2005


can you use eyedrops whilst fasting?
Ramadhan and Fasting
21st October 2005

Wearin eye pencil whilst fasting

are u allowed 2 wear eye pencil while fasting or does ur fast become invalid?
Ramadhan and Fasting
19th October 2005

Beginning of Ramadhan ?

I Have been given a leaflet being distributed by Croydon Masjid, regarding fatwas from various Ulama from India, including the main mufti of Deoband, which is saying that we should no follow Saudi, their was a big problem in croydon masjid, the mufti sab is adamant that those that begun ramadhan on tuesday, was shaban, now what is the truth, it is written in the leaflet that the saudi calendar is fixed from the very beginning, I`m trying to find out the truth as their are many brothers and sisters who are very confused about this.


Ramadhan and Fasting
19th October 2005

Fasting while pregnant

Salaam and Ramadhan Mubabrak to everyone,

I am pregnant and due any day now, and my midwife has told me not to fast as I will not have the energy to go into labour.

Do I take her advice or ignore her? Also, do I pay money to the poor or do have to make up the missed fasts once I am able to?

Please advise as I am really confused. I haven't kept any, apart from the first two, but I feel really guilty. It feels really wrong not to be fasting when everyone else is.

Thank you.

Ramadhan and Fasting
19th October 2005



i would like to know if a nabaligh boy who is 13 yrs old can lead taravi jamaat and what about witr prayer.


Ramadhan and Fasting
19th October 2005

Sick/puke in fast?

asalam o alikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuh.

does a persons fast break if they sick/puke in their fast? or is it just makruh? and will the person have to keep it on another day? are they allowed to eat after they felt sick/puked up.. (they never sick/puked up on purpose) plz reply soon. jazak Allah.
Ramadhan and Fasting
8th October 2005

Taraweeh behind a non hanafi

Salams dear repected ulema,

I was praying taraweeh in regents park masjid last night.
In the last four rakah the imam prayed it as one complete unit, with one taslem, without performing jalsa in the middle. Is this permissable?

I would also like to know the differences between the shafies and the ahnaaf on the prostration marks when performing salah.

JazakAllah Khair.
Ramadhan and Fasting
7th October 2005

Flavoured Miswak

Whats the clear issue with miswak that has flavouring...

Thankyou for your answer, does it break the fast or not, is it allowed or not.

Ramadhan and Fasting
13th September 2005

Missed Fasts

If a person does not follow the Deen from when they are first Baaligh, but starts practicing later in life- does this person have to make up the missed fasts of all the previous Ramadhans?

Must he only do the Qadha's or does he have to pay Kaffarah also though he did not have the intention to fast?
Ramadhan and Fasting
18th August 2005

Moon sighting

i would like you to answer my question as clearly as possible,

i was reading one kitaab, and in that it said you need two witnesses for the sighting of the moon, where as i have read in numerous kitaabs one is sufficent, please clarify this as this is very important to me jazakallah
Ramadhan and Fasting
17th May 2005

Priority of Fasts

After the month of Ramadhan, does a man/woman have to make up the fasts that they missed in Ramadhan due to Haydh, illness or any other valid excuse or can he fast the 6 fasts of Shawwaal first before he makes up the missed fasts??

Jazakallahu Khair
Ramadhan and Fasting
15th November 2004

ANSWERED: reciting different surahs in taraweeh

Salaam Mufti saab when I am praying my taraweeh is it ok to pray only page Surah Yaseen in the first rakah and then in the second rakah go on two a completely different Surah?
Ramadhan and Fasting
9th November 2004

Sadaqatul Fitr and Lillah

does this need to be given on eid day? or can it be given on any day before eid, also what masjid does it have to be given, any or teh masjid that eid salaat is going to be performed?


what is the difference between lillah, sadaqah, fitra?

Ramadhan and Fasting
5th November 2004

ANSWERED: FASTING - asthma inhaler

Asalam u alaikum,my question is regarding fasting.

Does your fast break if you take an asthma inhaler?
Ramadhan and Fasting
18th October 2004

ANSWERED: taraweeh niyyah (intention)

is taraweeh namaz fard , sunat or nafl when making intention at teh start