Ramadhan and Fasting

Ramadhan and Fasting
13th May 2007

Opening Quran and Listening In Taravi


i wanna ask a question, i am alhamdulillah a hafiz ul Quran, and i lead taravi in a small town when there are very little muslim and i couldnt find a hafiz who can listen to me. i have to ask an Arab brother to listen to me with open Quran, many people say,, your taravi is not valid, i wanna know what can i do,

1) Can someone open the Quran and listen to me
2)if not, then what should i do, is there any way of doing taravi.

i will be pleased to get your answer as soon.
Ramadhan and Fasting
4th November 2006

Getting up late to start fasting

If I get up late in the morning to fast after Fajr Salaat , can I still say neeyat and start fasting?
Ramadhan and Fasting
4th November 2006

Masturbation during ramadan


I am trying to fast all of ramadan, however I do get sexual urges and since I am not married I masturbate to prevent me from committing zina (i know masturbation is wrong but it stops me from committing worse sins).

My question is during ramadan - if I masturbate is my fast invalid? Does it make a difference if I masturbate at night?
Ramadhan and Fasting
4th November 2006

Sehri a sunnah?

Salaam, I would like to know if waking up for sehri is a sunnah or mustahab?

Also, is it true that you must eat something at sehri or is it ok if one only has a cup of tea at sehri?
Ramadhan and Fasting
26th October 2006

Taravi Procedure

How do v pray taravi at home............do v have to recite the entire quran or only the aayats that v recite in normal namaaz............
Ramadhan and Fasting
25th October 2006

History of Taraweeh


Respected Mufti Sab,
For many days I have a confusion in my mind regarding tarahwi. I have been trying to ask the same question from different moulvies near my home but could'nt find the satisfactory answer. The question is I want to know about the history of tarawhi. Some people say that Hazrat Umer (R.A.) started it. The question is that when HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (PEACE BE UPON HIM) HAS completed the teachings of Islam and nothing could be added or subtracted from ISLAM then why is it so.

Ramadhan and Fasting
24th October 2006

Validity of fast and Taraweeh

As Salaamu Alaikum WW

Respected Mufti

1-A person was crying in Dua.A few tears entered his mouth and he spat it out,though the salty taste remained in his mouth.Is his fast valid?

2-If a tear was accidently inhaled through the nasal passage,was his fast broken?

3-A haadfiha was reciting her Dhor in Taraweeh.In her 2nd Rakaat she recited 1 verse and went blank.Not knowing what to do, she recited Bismillah and recited another Surah eg: surah Ikhlas, and thereafter completed her Salaah.Was her Salaah valid? If not,should she repeat the 2 rakaats of Taraweeh?

Jazakallahu Khairan

Was Salaam

Ramadhan and Fasting
24th October 2006

Spitting in Public During Ramadan

Why do so many Muslims spit in public during Ramadan? Are we not allowed to swallow our own spit whilst fasting?
Ramadhan and Fasting
24th October 2006


If a man sleeps with his wife naked but does not have intercourse does that break his fast? even if he touches her breasts?
Ramadhan and Fasting
24th October 2006

Fast timing

Aslamulikum wru
for truck driver what time should fast start and finish while he is driving in different states and time zone.
Ramadhan and Fasting
24th October 2006

Intercourse and Fasting

Does a muslim have to wash and make wudu' after intercourse before the fasting comences, or can he wash later on during the day?
Ramadhan and Fasting
24th October 2006

Masturbation during Ramadhan fasts

masterbation in fasting
Ramadhan and Fasting
18th October 2006

Giving blood for test

Aslaam alaikam,
If someone gives blood for a test while fasting, would this break the fast?
Ramadhan and Fasting
18th October 2006

Removal of pubic hair whilst fasting?

Assalaamu aliakum,
Is it permissable for us to remove our pubic hair whilst fasting?

Ramadhan and Fasting
15th October 2006


Assalamu Alaykum,

Referring to this question.

The company is called 'AstraZeneca'.
Can my sister use the inhaler? We haven't askwd if there's an alternative as we haven't had the chance but her health is worsening.

Please answer ASAP.


Ramadhan and Fasting
15th October 2006

Sehri clarification

Assalaamu 'alaikum

Respected 'ulema. I would like to refer to an answer you gave, which is as follows:


Al-jawab billahi at-taufeeq (the answer with Allah's guidance)

Yes, to partake in Suhur and to pray Fajr Salah must be before sunrise. It is Mustahab (preferable) To partake of the pre-dawn meal (suhur) before fajr time enters.
(Nurul Idhah Pg. 148)

And Only Allah Ta'ala Knows Best.


If I am to understand this correctly inshaAllah, does this mean it is okay to continue eating even after the time for fajr has begun, and to do so until sunrise?

JazakAllahu khairan.

Wassalaamu 'alaikum
Ramadhan and Fasting
9th October 2006

Flavoured miswaak

slmz, jus wntd to find out if we are allowed to use flavoured miswaaks in ramadhan as long as we dont swallow it?
Ramadhan and Fasting
8th October 2006

Clarification of Question #2558

According to my understanding, the answer to the above question means its permissible tp eat even after Fajr starts, as long as its before Sunrise. Is thiis correct? I have always thought otherwise, that one MUST finish eating before Fajr begins. If this is not the case, what about having Intercourse with one's wife before sunrise?
Ramadhan and Fasting
7th October 2006


In the answer to question 103 you say:

The rightly guided Caliph Umar ibnul khattab (RA) revived the Sunnah of having the prayer of 20 rakat Tarawih with congregation in every night of Ramadan and the completion of the entire Quraan began only during the khilaafat of hazrat Umar (RA). All the Sahaabah present had agreed upon this practice. From then onwards including the Khilafah of both Hazrat Uthmaan and Hazrat Ali (RA) upto this day the Muslim Ummah (at large) has followed this practice.

Do you mean to say that the Caliph did not accept the so called Sunnah of tarawih?
Was he misguided for not having revived this so called Sunnah?
Are you not telling a lie against your prophet when you use the terme Sunnah?
Do you have a proof to say that is Sunnah to perform this innovated prayer on every night of Ramadan?
You said that all Sahab agreed, but why did Umar revived a Sunnah and he himself did not perform it?
Ramadhan and Fasting
7th October 2006


if a person is not baligh but has a beard and voice has broken is he allowed to lead the taraweeh prayers?