Ramadhan and Fasting

Ramadhan and Fasting
30th September 2012

Witr raising hands daleel

as salamu aleykum,

what are the daleels of raising the hands in witr
prayer for the qunoot?

was salaam
Ramadhan and Fasting
26th August 2012


Asalaam u alykum.
My wife told me in the morning that I had tried to kiss her last night in the state of fasting. This happened once before and on that occasion I do not remember anything. However, last night I think I do remember inserting my tongue in her mouth and feeling the taste of her tongue, although no exchange of saliva (I think). If I was fully aware I would not have kissed her. My wife says my eyes were open. However I may have gotten up during my sleep. Exact details I can't remember. Does this necessitate a qada and or kaffarah according to the Hanafi school?
Jazakallah u khairun for your reply.
Could I please ask one other question: My 7day old baby vomited over me. I wiped this off my shoulder with a tissue. I changed my shirt. Then I forgot to wash my shoulder and prayed Isha and Fajr and zohr and then realised that I had not washed the area (shoulder) with water. Would my wudu and salah have been valid? I did repeat the salah to be on the safe side.
Ramadhan and Fasting
4th August 2012


salam respected mufti saheb i have 3 small questions:

1. is the shaving of the hair for a man from directly where the navel is and below that or just around the actual private parts? and what about the backside area?

2. i have read in some books such as noorul idah that when fasting if water enters from the backside the fast breaks. how can you stop this happening when doing istinja and ghusl?

3. if in the state of needing farz ghusl whilst fasting to what extent must the water go in the mouth and nose so that the ghusl is done but the fast doesnt break?

please answer asap especially as ramadhan is very close.

Ramadhan and Fasting
22nd December 2011

Witr prayer

Assalam Alaykum.

I just have a couple of questions about the witr prayer:

1. Is the witr prayer supposed to be 1 or 3 raka?
2. At what point do I say the du'a in the final raka, is it before or after I do ruku? The reason I'm asking is because I went to two different mosques, who one doing the du'a after ruku, and one doing it before.
3. When praying witr in groups (e.g. during ramadan) should the du'a be said out loud by the Iman or should each person do their own du'a?

Thank you.

Ramadhan and Fasting
2nd December 2011


Is there any hadeeth or athar suggesting that the qunoot in salaatulwitr should be read silently in the month of ramadhaan? Apart from the general ahaadeeth on reading a duaa in silent tone. Jazaakallah

Ramadhan and Fasting
29th November 2011

Advice on the bed i sleep, where i make love to my wife


I wanted to know if the bed where my wife and I have relationships in during night, is the bed clean to rest and lie on, with clean clothes. I always a blanket a top of the bed and lie on top of that. As the month of Ramadan is upon us, I am concerned about cleanness of the room and its surrounding.

Waa-laikum salaam
Ramadhan and Fasting
29th November 2011

Duaa after taraweeh & every 4 raka'ats

1) Regarding the duaa which is made by the imaam in congregation after taraweeh salah, what is its status, i.e. fardh, sunnah, mustahab?

2) What is the status of the duaa which people read every four raka'ats (subhana dhil mulki wal malakoot...). Should it be read? If not, what should you do in the pause?
Ramadhan and Fasting
12th February 2011

Making up missed tarawih during jamaat

Assalamu Alaikum

If someone walks into the mosque, missing Esha and 1st 4 rakaats of tarawih, does he catch up then join, or pray the missed rakaats of tarawih after witr has finished?

Ramadhan and Fasting
12th February 2011

Laylatul Qadr-URGENT


can you please answer this asap...

I was just reading upon Laylatul Qadr, and I came across the following information, which was given in a talk by Shaykh Asif Hussain Farooqui (without any disrespect to the shaykh, could you also inform me whether you’ve heard of him or not) :

“It is stated in a hadith that if a person prays two rak’ah of nafil Salaah and in the first rak’ah he recites Surah Fatiha and then surah Ikhlaas seven times, and does the same in the second rak’ah. Once the Salaah is finished the person recites Astagfirullah 70 times. Then it is stated in the hadith that as soon as the person finishes, Allah (swt) forgives both his/her parents.”

There were no references to the hadith, so I wanted to know whether there are any evidences and if it is correct to pray salaah in the method mentioned above?

Ramadhan and Fasting
12th February 2011

Itikaaf for women

in itikaaf are women aloud to talk to someone not in itikaaf and are they allowed to play with babies
Ramadhan and Fasting
31st January 2010

Taraweeh dua

1. Is the dua for taraweeh which is found displayed in many masjids sunnah?
2. If it is not and someone recites it considering it to be so will this be classified as bid'ah?
3. If it is not a sunnah shouldn't the ulema point this out to the public?
Ramadhan and Fasting
31st January 2010

Isha namaz

salaams, sometimes when i goto mosque for isha namaz the tarawih is being prayed, should i pray my isha namaz seperatly first or can i join the tarawih with the intention of isha namaz and when the imam says assalumualaykum i get up and pray the other 2 rakats, ive heard from DR ZAKIR that i can join the imam then finish of the 2 rakats, how true is this?
Ramadhan and Fasting
23rd September 2009

Taraweeh prayer

Do one earn more reward in praying taraweeh alone or in group.
Secondly, does one earn more reward in praying tahajuud alone or in group.
Ramadhan and Fasting
18th September 2009

Traveling during Ramdan

I have to travel during the month of Ramadan, i will go for 5 days to Hongog and China, and come back to London where i live. do i have to fast during that 5 traveling days? how many hours i have to be in one place to be able to fast? thankyou very much.
Ramadhan and Fasting
18th September 2009


on ramadhaan,what is the best thing we should do to make allah happy?
Ramadhan and Fasting
19th January 2009

Shafi'ee Madhab


According to the Shafi'ee Madhab, does having injections or blood tests invalidate the fast?

Jazakumullahu Khairun,
Ramadhan and Fasting
5th September 2008

Making Up Fasts

2.) The same goes for my fasts in Ramadhan. How many qadha fasts would you advice me to hold in the month? Would it be enough to use the days marked as Sunnah fasting days to make up my fasting? Or what about the fasting of Dawud (a.s.) - should I maybe fast every second day? And most of the times my fast broke through masturbation, making them up is sufficient, right? What when I ate after I broke my fast already? Have I then to make Kaffarah?
Ramadhan and Fasting
18th August 2008

Sahoor time and eating unknowingly.

asalam o alikum

I have to ask about a very serious problem pertaining to my fasts.I am a hanafi muslim and want an answer according to that.Now this the problem which refers to one being completely and innocently ignorant.It is a problem regarding to Ramadan fasts and the the missing ramadan fasts which are kept afterwards.Islam has a very humanistic approach and I want a correct answer to the problem as I am confused and worn away.I belong to Pakistan.Since my childhood my parents and their grand parents used to say that you can keep on eating until the Adhan of Fajar,till the last azan.Now in almost every ramadan I and my family used to eat And there are about 450 fasts which i kept like this including the qaza fasts.Now when I am an adult I am so depressed as a mufti sahib told me all your fasts are invalid as you should have concluded your eating at the start of adhan.It is now not humaly possible to keep all those fasts.I have got so low spirited that I have stopped fasting my remaining qaza fats as Allah have not accepted my previous fasts.I have given up!!! Then I turned to awebsite www.islam.qa.com which says that"It is obligatory for the fasting person to refrain from things which break the fast from the true dawn until the sun sets. What is means is when dawn breaks, not the adhaan. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“and eat and drink until the white thread (light) of dawn appears to you distinct from the black thread (darkness of night)”

I gained hope now another mufti sahib told me that Your fasts are not valid.What should I do now.Is there an alternate or I will have to keep All 450 fasts which I think is a great ordeal and now how can I do it.I mean are you not supposed to be given some compensation or the rule is that strict.
jazakallah khair

Ramadhan and Fasting
11th August 2008

Missed fasts for elderly & fidyah

My nan (aged 80+) has got paralysis and is unable to fast her remaining missed fasts (due to haiz and pregnancy) how much fidyah should she pay per fast.
Ramadhan and Fasting
8th August 2008


can u have an injection while fasting injection such as hepotitas b shot