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Last updated: 20th April 2022
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Can i start my sunnah itekaf at 21st evening of ramzan while I am not having fast at 20th day of ramzan due to menses. Can i take bath before going to itekaf place and then start my itekaf. Please clear that if i can start sunnah itekaf without fasting or not.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

Sunnah Itikaf starts from the sunset of 20th Ramadan until the crescent of Eid is sighted. The Sunnah Itikaf has to be done with fasting. As you are in your menses you will not be allowed to do Itikaf. Once you are pure from your menses then you can do the Sunnah Itikaf only from the start of 20th Ramadan. If you start your menses during Itikaf then you will make up only one day.

Some scholars mention better to do the whole ten days with Nafal fast as a precaution after Ramadan.

If you perform Itikaf less than ten days then it will become a Nafal Itikaf.

ولو خاضت المرأة في حال الإعتكاف فسد إعتكافها لأن الحيض ينافي أهلية الإعتكاف لمنافاتها الصوم ولهذا منعت من العقاد الإعتكاف فتمنع من البقاء
(بدائع الصنائع ٢/١١٦)

وشرط الصوم لصحة الاول اتفاقا علي المذهب
(الدرالمختارمع ردالمحتار ٢/١٧٧)

فيقضي اليوم الذي أفسده لاستقلال كل يوم بنفسه
(الدرالمختارمع ردالمحتار ٢/١٨٠)

(احسن الفتاوي ٤/٥١٢)

And Allah Knows Best

02 Shawwal 1443/ 04 May 2022

Answer last updated on:
5th May 2022
Answered by:
Ulamaa ID 04
Location: London