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Tafseer recommendation

Last updated: 19th October 2005
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mahfooz ul-haq
19th October 2005


salaam brothers, i have read qura'n with meanings but would like to read it with tafseer in urdu. i would be grateful if u can recommend best tafseer. jazakallah khair

wassalaam, sister in islam

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Answer last updated on:
19th October 2005
Answered by:
Ulamaa ID 05
Location: Batley, England

In the name of Allah the Compassionate

From the many Tafaseers available Urdu I would recommend "Ma'ariful Quran" written by Sheikh Mufti Mohammad Shafi Sahib and "Tafseer Uthmani" Sheikh Mahmoodul Hasan Sahib ".

One would also advise that if there is anything within these tafaseer which you do not understand when reading them, then you refer your queries only to the Ulamaa-e-Haq, Inshallah.

And Allah knows best
19th Oct 2005