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Conversing With Qadiyanis

Last updated: 1st September 2005
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1st September 2005

Assalaamu 'Alaykum I always understood Qadiyanis to be like non-Muslims and therefore I would treat them just as the kuffar including my views that doing business with them and talking with them is permissable. However, I was recently told that it is not permissable to talk to Qadiyanis. I took this to be just another misconception but in order to clear my understanding can you please tell me whether it is true, that we are or aren't allowed to talk to Qadiyanis? Jazakumullaah

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2nd September 2005
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Location: Batley, England

In the name of Allah (swt) the All knowing

We are allowed to talk to Qadiyanis (also known as Ahmadis) the same way we are allowed to talk to other non-believers. Our communication in speech will be the same for them as for other non-believers. I.e. not go greet them with Salam etc. (Fatawa Mamodiyaah Vol 10 and Vol 16)

And Allah knows best
2 September 2005