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Sajada for women

Last updated: 21st August 2005
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21st August 2005

Salaam What is the proper way of sujud for women? Wasalaam

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22nd August 2005
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Location: Batley, England

In the name of Allah (swt)

Yazid Ibn Abi Habib States that Rasullulah (saw) passed by two women who were performing Salah. He told them,

?When you make Sajdah (prostration), then join parts of your body to the ground, bcause a woman does not resemble a man in these aspects?
(Al- Marail of Abu Dawud Pg 118)

The above Hadith means that the lady must join her forearms and elbows to the ground and join her abdomen to her thighs. Thus concealing her body and this concealment must also be kept in mind through the other postures of Salaah.

And Allah (swt) knows best