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Last updated: 18th August 2005
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18th August 2005

someone told me that to distinguish mans hand from a womans the beloved prophet s.a.w. used to advise women to put mendhi on their hands so does this mean now women should do this also, is it a sunnah, do we get reward for it?
Also can we put it on our feet too?
jazza kalla khair.

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19th August 2005
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Ulamaa ID 05
Location: Batley, England
In the name of Allah (swt)

The reason is not really to ?distinguish? between a man?s hands and a woman?s hand but the use of henna was a means to adorn and beatify the woman. If the lady does this for the pleasure of her husband or to follow the Sunnah shown for women by the Rasulullah Sallallahu Alahi Wassalam then she will gain reward for it, Inshallah. (Umdatus Saalik pg 59)

Sayyidina Abu Hurairah Narrated that Rasulullah said, "The perfume of a man is that which has a fragrance but it has no colour. The perfume of a woman has a colour, but it must not have an odour (it does not emit a smell or fragrance of any sort)." Shamail Tirmizi

The ladies may apply mendhi to their hands, arms, feet etc it is permissible.

Lastly, it should be remember that only those patterns are allowed which are not of or do not resemble any animals, people etc. Intricate, intrinsic, or geometric looking patterns are best.

And Allah the Exalted knows best
19 August 2005