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Is it Halal?

Last updated: 22nd June 2005
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22nd June 2005

Dear Muft sb I have done MCS. and i am related to networking line. I want to do some buisness related to my studies. the most suitable line comes to my mind is Communication buisness as it is higly related to my line of studies. I want to start an " Internet club & PCO" . I want to ask is it Hallal buisness or it is against Islam's teaching?????

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8th October 2005
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Assalamu Alaikum,

As there is a possibility of the services being used for both good or bad, the provider will not be liable for the sins. However, if the provider is convinced that the services will be used for Haram by a particular person or people then he must refrain from providing the service.

The income although will be Halal, one may be liable for being the means of a sin which would not have been possible at the time without their help.

Precautionary measures can be taken nowadays in the situation mentioned where although privacy is given, URL and content blockers are available. Also, as a more reliable solution, memberships with terms and conditions can be applied.

And Allah knows best