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Are we allowed to do Masah on Socks

Last updated: 29th May 2005
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29th May 2005

I want to ask three things, first Are we allowed to do Masah on Socks, seconed covering head in prayer is neccessary or not, third inshAllah I will be getting married in few months I want to know what is the best way to give gap in child births according to islamic propective are we allowed to use condoms for this purpose. Please explain in detail. Also suggest some books and Duas for a successful marriage.

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30th May 2005
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Bismihi Ta'ala

1) It is not permissible to do Masah on ordinary socks. Certain conditions have been deduced from the Ahaadith by the Jurists which have to be met for Masah on ordinary socks to be valid.

2) Covering the head is not only a mark of respect, but also an essential Sunnah in Salaah, one that was not neglected by the Prophet and the Sahaabah. It is from amongst those things that make the Salaah more fruitful and rewarding.

3) It is not permissible to use contraceptive methods until there is a valid reason according to Shari'ah. Please specify your reason for a specific response.

And Allah knows best.