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shaykhul hadeeth maulana fazlurahman

Last updated: 26th May 2005
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26th May 2005

Moulana Fazlur Rahman aazmi of darul uloom azaadville can you give a brief biography including his origin and his education

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2nd June 2005
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[b:375fb366ea]Shaikhul Hadith Hadhrat Moulana Fazlur Rahman Azmi
BIRTH: 1366 A.H. in a place called Mau, A'zamghad, U.P, India.

EDUCATION:[/b:375fb366ea] Moulana attained his education in Mau itself, and qualified in
Darul Uloom Miftahudeen, Mau in the year 1386 A.H, where after Moulana began
lecturing in different fields of the Islamic sciences.

[b:375fb366ea]ASAATIZAH (TUTORS):[/b:375fb366ea] Hadhrat Moulana was a very special student of the world
renowned Scholar, Moulana HabeeburRahman Azmi?. Under his auspicious
guidance, Hadhrat Moulana specialized in the fields of Ifta and Hadeeth.
Amongst Moulana's other well?known Asaatizah are Hadhrat Moulana AbduILateef
Nu'mani, Hadhrat Moulana AbdurRasheed ? and others.

[b:375fb366ea]SERVICES:[/b:375fb366ea] Hadhrat Moulana lectured at Darul Uloom Mazharul Uloom for four
years wherein he was the Mufti as well. Amongst the kitabs that Moulana
taught there were Mishkaat and Tirmizi as well.

In 1394 A.H. Moulana was transferred to the famous institute? Jamia Islamia
Dabhel, Gujraat, India. Amongst the kitabs that Moulana lectured there were
Mishkaat, Jalaalain, Tahaawi, Ibn Maajah, Nasa'i and others. In the year
1403 A.H. Moulana taught the Sab'ah, and Asharah in the field of Qiraat as
well. During this period he compiled his introduction to the field of
Qiraat. Moulana also compiled the history of this Darul Uloom during his
stay there.

In 1408 A.H., upon request, Moulana came to Madrasah Arabia Islamia,
Azaadville, South Africa. Moulana was granted the Sheikhul Hadith post in
1408 A.H., and by the grace of Almighty Allah up to this day Moulana is
teaching kitabs including Sahih Bukhari.

[b:375fb366ea]COMPILATIONS[/b:375fb366ea]: Moulana has many compilations to his credit amongst which are
his introduction to Sah?h Bukh?r?, Tirmzi, Tahaawi,etc.

[b:375fb366ea]SERVICES IN THE LINE OF TABLIGH[/b:375fb366ea]: Moulana takes active part in the work of Tabligh. On a weekly basis Moulana spends twenty four hours in jamaat, i.e. from Thursday evening to Friday evening, for the upliftment of Deen among the masses. Moulana has also traveled to many countries for this purpose. He is also the Khalifah of Hadhrat Moulana Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahib _ of Karachi.
Mufti Zainul 'Abideen A'zami, presently the head of the department of the faculty of Had?th in Darul Uloom Saharanpur, once mentioned: "I used to ponder who will be able to take the place of Moulana HabeeburRahman Azmi (R.A), until I came to the conclusion that it will be Fadhlurrahman. But he was not interested in us. Rather he left us and went to Banaras, then to Dabhel, and finally to South Africa".

In 1420 A.H. during Moulana's journey for Haj, he was given the opportunity of meeting some great Hanafi and Shafi'ee scholars of Hadeeth of the Arab world. Amongst them were Sheikh Muhammed Awwamah and the famous Hanafi scholar of Hadeeth, Shaikh Zuhair AnNaasir. Shaikh Zuhair was impressed by Moulana, so much so that he requested to recite before Moulana the "Arba'een" of Imaan?Nawawi (R.A). This majlis was held in the Raudha Mubaarak in Masjide?Nabawi r. On one occasion Shaikh was heard saying, when Moulana had just left the gathering: "A. man of this calibre is scarce, scarce, scarce!"

May Almighty Allah bless Moul?n? in his age, health, knowledge, and services to the Deen of Allah Ta'?l?. Am?n.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Ml. Husain Kadodia
STUDENT: Darul Ifta

CHECKED & APPROVED: Mufti Ebrahim Desai[/b]