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Last updated: 17th May 2005
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17th May 2005

If a woman is in a state of iddah (divorce) and the final year of her university degree programme begins can she attend. For example: lectures/ tutorials/ enrolement. Bearing in mind that she has only been able to secure a place on the course under exceptional circumstances and can only complete it that particular academic year.

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20th May 2005
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Bismihi Ta'ala

After a female has become widowed or divorced, she must observe the necessary Iddah period. During this probation period, she is not permitted by Shari'ah to leave her home under any circumstances.

However, if the need is a necessity that cannot be fulfilled without leacing the home, and there is no other solution but to leave the home, then a woman would be permitted with the condition that she makes her journey outside the home a bear minimal and short one.

In the above-mentioned case, if there is no alternative at all, such as retaking that year the following year, or to have an open university, home study type of course, then only you would be permitted to leave. I am sure that arrangements can be made for your work to be sent to your home from the university. After all, you would only be missing one term by observing the Iddah. The above-mentioned condition would apply. It would be very important to leave the home in this situation with Hijaab and not to do any form of make-up or anything of that sort.

Allah knows the secrets of the heart. We can not fool Allah. If there is an alternative but we hide it to gain our worldly means then Allah has full knowledge of it. So we must fear Allah in this aspect.

And Allah knows best.