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Friday Prayers

Last updated: 15th May 2005
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15th May 2005

Alsalamu aliakum wa-Rahmatu ALLahi wa-barakatuho Dear sir/madam On the 7th of Nov 2005, an Employment Tribunal Case is going to be taken place in London in Connection with my application to the Employment Tribunal of indirect religious discrimination against my previous secondary school for denying me the right to pray Friday in the nearby mosque and refusing to honor our verbal agreement that I have struck with the school management when I joined the school in Feb 2002. I have been asked by my NASUWT Teacher?s Union who are representing me in this case to provide an authority on the Islamic Maliky tradition to testify in the Tribunal case that:? Friday prayers are to be performed in a mosque and only in special circumstance that a minimum of eleven Muslims are required for a JUMMAH prayer. This is a test case. It is very important for the whole Muslim community in UK. The issue between myself and the school management is running now for almost two and half years and the Local Education Authority is baking up the school. Could you be please advice me of any qualified person who is an authority on the Maliky Islamic Tradition able to give Islamic ruling on this issue? Yours sincerely A.Maayuf

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17th May 2005
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Bismihi Ta'ala

There is one Scholar by the name of Shaikh Abubakr Sudani, who is currently the Imam of Islamia Primary School in North West London, run by Yusuf Islam. I am of the understanding that he is a Maliki Scholar who will be able to guide you in your mission.