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Marital Relations

Last updated: 5th May 2005
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5th May 2005

Respected Ulema Kindly assist me with the following query. Can one please let me know if oral sex is allowed. My husbands says that a reliable mufti has told him that it is okay to have oral sex in his case,as he has a desire to have oral sex with his wife. so everytime he wants it i have doubts,and he states that he has confirmed it with a reputable mufti.what is my position in all of this. He says that as long as the mazi does not enter my mouth it is allowed, meaning he will use a condom. Is it also allowed for me to mastrubate my husband? My husband has told me that this is allowed so please let me know. Jazakallah Your Sister in Islam

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15th May 2005
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Bismihi Ta'ala

Oral sex is not permissible in any circumstance. There should be at least an inch of decency and morality amongst a married couple. It doesn't mean that one has the right to use his or her partner how he wants once married to them.

The issue of masturbating varies. In general circumstances it would not be permissible as it is a waste of the sperm. However, when the wife is in her menses, then some Scholars have permitted it as a substitute for sex. However, a man should exercise patience during these days. We are Human and have control over our actions, unlike animals who do not.

And Allah knows best.