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duas to pray during pregnancy

Last updated: 2nd January 2007
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Sister In Islam
2nd January 2007

Alhumdolillah I am expecting. What should I do and pray for:

a) healthy, pious, good, farma-bardar, beautiful etc baby
b) make the whole pregnancy process easy for me
c) make the labour process easy for me
d) provide my husband and myself with the heedayat to fulfill our roles effectively.

We both make dua anyway, but I thought there would be specific prayers that Rasullullah sallahu alaihi wasallam would have prescribed Hadhrat Khadijah RA etc to recite.

I have looked around for kitabs but have not come across any that provide detailed duas to be prayed at still stage. Please also advise me of any particular kitaabs that i could read to gain more information and where i could purchase these from.

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1st January 1970
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Ulamaa ID 09
Location: Zambia
write the following verses on a piece of paper and tie it onto the left thighin order to make giving birth easier. However ensure that it is removed immediately after birth.
If the same verses are recited and blown on a sweet thing and fed to the woman in labour pain, she will give birth quicker.

ithas-samaa-un-shaqqat, wa athinat li rabbiha wa huqqat. wa ithal-ardhu muddat. wa alqat maa feeha wa takhallat. (al-Inshiqaaq,1-4)

or recite the following verses and blow on the stomach or back of the woman giveing beirth/ alternatively you can write them and tie it on either of the parts.

awa lam yaral-latheena kafaroo annas-samaawaati wal-alrdha kaanataa ratqan fa fataqnaahuma wa ja'alna minal-maa-i kulla shay-in hayy. afala-yu'minoon. (para 17)

recote surah yusuf or daily for a beautiful and pious baby.