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ANSWERED: Travelling with/without mehram

Last updated: 2nd October 2004
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Sista in Islam
2nd October 2004

I am intending to travel to my neices wedding to india with my 12 year old son would this be in order or am i not allowed to travel without mehram and what is the punishment for this i also intend to take my 17 year old daughter with me jazakallah i look forward to your reply so i can make a decision wether to go or not please advise me.

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4th October 2004
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Ulamaa ID 01
It is necessary for a woman to travel accompanied by a Mahram. If the Mahram is a child and is below the age of 12 then the Ulamaa have unanimously agreed that it is not permissible to travel with him. However, if he is 12 or above but he looks older than his age and he also looks physically and mentally, intellectually mature then there will be no harm in using him as a Mahram.

You may assess your case according to the guidelines that I have wrote but be just in doing so.