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Inheritance dispute

Last updated: 27th November 2006
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27th November 2006

There is a man (Khan). Khan's wife gives birth to a son (Masood). Khan then writes a will, leaving his land to Masood when Khan dies. Khan then subsequently has more children, both boys and girls, but Khan never updates his will. Khan dies in an auto accident. Masood is the only one of the children mentioned in the will, but he has several brothers and sisters. Who has right to the land?

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19th August 2007
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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

It is not permissible to deny or bequeath any specified amount for members of the family who will automatically inherit such as sons, daughter, parents and Spouse. Consequently, the deceased's will for his son Masood will be invalid under Islamic law and his other children, as well as his wife and parents, if they were alive at the time of his demise, will be eligible to receive shares of the deceased's assets. والله اعلم