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Last updated: 2nd October 2004
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2nd October 2004

as-salaam mu alaikum, i have done istikhaara for a marraige proposal and in my dream i saw that my marraige ceremony and everything was arranged and that my mum was telling me that the guy is very good and of good character but in my dream i did'nt see the person i will marry it was someone different, please kindly explain if this is good or bad..... jazakallah salaam, may allah bless you!

The purpose of istikharah is to make a decision by discovering which way the heart is inclined towards, this can be in any form; not necessarily by dream.

It does not matter what you saw in the dream but look at which way your heart is more inclined towards.

Answer Approved by Shaikhul Hadeeth Mufti Farooq

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2nd October 2004
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