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regarding the Tsunami

Last updated: 10th January 2005
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10th January 2005

AssalamuAlikum wrb Could the Ulamaa plz shed some light on the tsunami, in an Islamic point of view. Also give some Naseehat if possible? Some relative(not too practicing) heard the Imam in a Masjid say this was an adhaab from Allah (swt) , he got angy and said how can this be an adhaab for all the poor people and children, if it was an adhaab why wasn't it sent to America (Na'udhubillah) etc, where so many people are sinning openly? How do we answer something like this?

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26th April 2005
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Bismihi Ta'ala

It was indeed a unfortunate and tragic incident that took place in the Tsunami. It's a sign of Allah Ta'ala. Sometimes, incidents of this nature could be warnings, threats, punishments, or tests. We do not have to know the wisoms and reasons behind something Allah Ta'ala has decided, but to openly say it was a punishment is doubtful. After all, if the people of Tsunami faced these tragedies on account of their actions, then what is stoppin the wrath of Allah to descend upon us. Our actions are no better.

Life is given by Allah and also taken from Allah. If innocent lives were taken in this manner, then it is Allah taking back what is his.

We must learn from similar incidents that a test could be waiting round the corner. Are we prepared to face the hard times. Events like these should change the life of a Muslim. It should make him more fearful of Allah Ta'ala.

May Allah protect us all and help the people therein.

And Allah knows best