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chewing gum whilst in salaah

Last updated: 9th January 2005
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9th January 2005

Assalamu alaykum wot does one do if he forgets that he is chewing gum and starts his salaah? does it break his salaah? if not, should he finish his salaah? or Break it himself and dispose of the chewing gum Also if one has to break salaah for a valid reason , how does one break the salaah? should he do salaam to both sides in whichever posture he is and break his salaah? If not, how do you do it. Jazakallah

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16th May 2005
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Bismihi Ta'ala

If a person realises whilst in Salaah that he is chewing gum, then his Saaah must be terminated and re-started.

The manner in which one must terminate his Salaah is as follows: He must do tasleem in both directions in whichever posture he is in. It will also be terminated by doing tasleem towards one side and not the other but the first method is prefered.

And Allah knows best.