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hanafi fiqh books

Last updated: 29th October 2006
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29th October 2006

As salamu aleykum,

A Salafi (Wahhabi) claimed on a website that the Hanafis have no isnads in their fiqh books to Imam Abu Hanifa. He claimed that the Hanafi Fiqh books are written 4 or 5 centuries after the deaths of Imam Abu Hanifa and his 2 students Imam Abu Yusuf and Imam Muhammad.

IS this true? If not, can you give me a list of Fiqh books that are written right after the deaths of Imam Abu Hanifa(death 150 AH/767) and Abu Yusuf(death 183AH/798) And Imam Muhammad (death 189AH/805)?

Let say a list of Fiqh books that are written between 189 AH (805) and 500 AH (1117)

Please mention the date of each book.

Was salaam

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12th February 2011
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Al-jawab billahi at-taufeeq (the answer with Allah's guidance)

Books of the Hanafi Fiqh:

(Name of the book, author, year (Hijri))

1) Kitab al Asl (Mabsoot), Al Ziyadat, Al Jami' al Saghir, Al Siyar al-Saghir, Al Jami' al-Kabeer, and Al Siyar al-Kabeer by Imam Muhammad ash-Shaybani (d.189 AH)

Al-Qisaniyyat, Al-Haruniyyat, Al-Jurjaniyyat and Ar- Ruqiyyat by Imam Muhammad ash-Shaybani (d.189 AH)

Kitab Al Athar, Muwatta Imam Muhammad by Imam Muhammad ash-Shaybani (d.189 AH)

2) Kitab al-Kharaj, Kitab al-Athar, Al Amali by Imam Abu Yusuf (d.183)

3) Al-Mujarrad, Al Amali, Adabul Qadhi, Ma'anil Iman, Al Kharaj, Al Faraidh, Al Nafaqat, Al Wasayaa by Imam Hasan ibn Ziyad (d. 204 AH)

4) Nawadir Fataawa by Imam Jauzjani (d.200 or later)

5) Ibn Rustum (d.211) has Al Nawadir

6) Mualla Ibn Mansur (d.211) has Al Nawadir and Al Amali.

7) Ibn Sama'ah (d.233) has Al Nawadir

8) Ahkamul Awqaf, Kital al-Hiyal and others by Imam Al Khassaf (d.261)

9) Sharah Ma'anil Athar, Bayan Mushkil Athar, Mukhtasar Al Tahawi by Imam Tahawi (d. 321 AH)

10) Al-Kafi by Imam Hakim ash-Shahid (d. 334 AH)

11) Usul Al Karkhi, Mukhtasar Al Karkhi by Imam Al-Kharkhi (d. 340 AH)

12) Mukhtasar Al Jassas by Imam al Jassas (d. 370 AH)

13) Kitab al-Mujarrad, Al Shamil and Kifayatul Fuqaha by Shamsul Aimmah Ismail Ibn Hasan Ghazi Baihaqi (d.402)

14) Mukhtasar Al Quduri by Imam Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bin Ahmed Baghdadi (d. 428 AH)

15) Shamsul Aimmah Halwani (d.448) has no printed books. His unprinted books were Mabsoot, Fataawa and Sharah of Adab al-Qadhi of Imam Abu Yusuf.

16) Kitab Mabsoot, Sharah of Siyar Kabeer, and Usul Sarakhsi by Al Sarakhsi (d.483)

17) Tuhfat Al Fuqaha by Al Samarqandi (d. 538 AH)

18) Hidaya by Imam Burhanuddin Ali Bin Abi Bakr (d. 593 AH)

(See: al-Fawaid al-Bahiyyah fi Tarajim al-Hanafiyah and Kashf al-Zunun ʿan Asami al-Kutub Wal-Funun)

It should be noted that all the Hanafi Fiqh Masa'il were preserved through memory similar to how the Quran and Ahadith were preserved.

And Only Allah Ta'ala Knows Best.