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ANSWERED: sunnat-e-gair muakkidah in favor of Qadha?

Last updated: 18th December 2004
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18th December 2004

I've read that it is not permissable to omit sunnat-e-muakkida in favor of Qadha salaat, but can one omit sunnat-e-gair muakkidah, and pray Qadha instead (as one should prefer Qadha salaat over nafl too)?

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6th January 2005
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A person should not omit sunnat-e-ghair Muakkadah in favour of qadha salat. However if the person is certain that (s)he will neglect their qaza salat if not prayed in place of sunnat-e-ghair muakkadah then it will be permissible. Wallahu alam