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Hajj & Mortgage

Last updated: 14th September 2006
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14th September 2006

I have a mortgage, which I now know is haraam. I am trying to get out of this situation and the intention I have taken is to inshallah save everything I can at the end of the month and pay off the mortgage as soon as possible and therefore sacrifice any luxuries that one may want in order to finish this sin.
The dilemma I am facing is that I have not performed Hajj and have made intention to go this year.
So the question is that should I perform Hajj, which will no doubt cost a few thousand pounds, even if I could use my savings into paying off my mortgage as soon as possible, or is it better to pay off my mortgage first with this money and then perform Hajj.
Paying off my mortgage will take about another 4 years and less inshallah.

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15th February 2008
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