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Last updated: 24th June 2006
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24th June 2006

assalamu alaykum ww
insha'allah i intend to get married in a couple of years. for the first few years we will live with his family, and then if resourses permit , move out. i have absolutely no problem with this.
however, i wear hijab and due to the fact that my fiance is an alim,he expects me to do hijab from his brothers despite the fact that we'll be living together, eating together etc. as you can imagine this is going to be really hard for me because i will constantly have to be in hijab, even in front of him most of the time...
therefore i just wanted to clarify whether it is necessary to observe full pardah in front of them..if there is no fear of fitnah, then would it not be sufficient for me to cover everything apart from my face?

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9th September 2008
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Ulamaa ID 10
Location: Malaysia
Waalaikumussalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Bismillahir rahmaanir rahim.

Respected Sister,

Nabi SAW said: The brother in law is death.

This is undeniable because married women tend to be laxed with the laws of Shari'ah when it comes to their brother in law for regarding him as their own blood brother. However, they fail to understand that the brother in law will always remain their na mahram (unless the woman is divorced by her husband and marries her brother in law) and the bond of marriage does not nullify this. Many a times nowadays, we see marriages breaking down due to illicit relationships between brother/sister in laws. Therefore, Islam is a religion which aims to remove all maladies from its root thus, all the obligations of Shari'ah still apply even after marriage including observing of purdah in front of the brother in law.

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And Allah knows best.