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What Madhab does one chose??

Last updated: 27th May 2006
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bruva ##
27th May 2006


i am really confused with the concept of choosing a madhab (school of thought)

is it vital to follow a specifc mudhab? can you agree to some concepts of one mudhab and follow another? can you pick and choose sayings of a madhab? how do you know what mudhab is right? do you yourself choose a madhab?

what happens to the person who is in this state that they dont know what mudhab to choose? will his prayers be accepted?

do you strongly have to abide by the choosen mudhabs saying?

i am so sorry if i have boombarded you with theses questions but i and many people in my situation would be grateful

Jazarkhallahu khayran

may ALLAH reward you for your help

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4th October 2007
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Al-jawab billahi at-taufeeq (the answer with Allah's guidance)

1) It is not permissible to leave Taqleed made upon one Imaam and follow another Imaam when one wishes. When this is done without permission from the Shariah it leads to Talfeeq, it also causes one to follow ones desires resulting in going far away from the truth and being led astray.

2) Prayers will Inshallah be accepted provided one knows the necessary aspects of Salaah and things that will break Salaah etc. However, as it is mentioned, it is important and compulsory to follow a Madhab for him to follow and practice the deen completely otherwise it will end up at person following his desires and temptation.

Please click on this link to understand more about Taqleed:

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And Only Allah Ta'ala Knows Best.