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Last updated: 2nd December 2004
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Abu Usama
2nd December 2004

Salam, why in the UK do the deobandi ulema still say that it is a reprehnesible innovation to celebrate the mawlid, even though the basis for the rejection of the practise in the indian sub-continent, is not found here? Mawlana Khalil Ahmad Saharanfuri quotes Rashid Ahmed Gangohi in a booklet of fatwas entitled al-Muhannad `ala al-Mufannad: `Aqa'id Ahl al-Sunna wa al-Jama`a (p. 48) as saying in a fatwa "We know not that any Muslim can rule against the lawfulness of celebrating it [the Milad] or declare it an innovation" but only after listing conditions for its permissibility. Namely (p. 47-48): "Provided it takes place outside the times of obligatory worship... and in gatherings devoid of the matters condemned by the Law." Saharanfuri comments (p. 48): "From this it is known that we do not denounce the commemoration of his noble birth - Allah bless and greet him - but we do denounce the condemnable matters that join such commemoration, as you have seen in the Mawlid gatherings that take place in India. I mean the mention of flimsy and forged narrations, the mixing of men and women, the waste incurred by lighting candles and decorations, as well as the belief that this commemoration is obligatory and the accusations, insults, and declaration of disbelief (takfir) against those that do not attend their gatherings with them, and other such denounced matters condemned by the Law from which one can hardly (p. 49) find any such gatherings free. But if a Mawlid gathering is devoid of denounced matters, then never, but never (hasha) would we say that the commemoration of the Noble Birth is a denounced matter (munkar) or an innovation (bid`a), and how can it be thought that a Muslim would say such an ugly statement! So the attribution of this statement to us is also among the fabrications of the atheists and lying antichrists - may Allah Almighty disappoint them!"

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26th April 2005
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Bismihi Ta'ala

Through observation it is very clear that Mawlid gatherings in this country (UK) are also full of the innovative practises, so to avoid them is best.

After all, did gatherings of commemorations take place in the era of the Khairul-Quroon?