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ANSWERED: leather socks

Last updated: 28th November 2004
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muslim brother
28th November 2004

assalaam walaikum W.W. please can u tell me the ruling for wearing leather socks. (i.e how long u can wear them & how u preform masah on them during wadhu). jazakallah. Wasalaam.

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Answer last updated on:
30th November 2004
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Ulamaa ID 06
Location: London
Wa Alaikum Salam,

The above answer is correct.

If a person is a Musaafir (Traveller), one can perform Masah on leather socks for 3 days & 3 nights.

For a person not travelling (Muqeem), one can perform Masah on leather socks for 1 day & 1 night.

Masah is to pass wet fingers over the place of Masah. In this case, fingers should be passed over the upper surface of the Khuffain (leather socks). Starting from the toes and ending just above the ankles. The Masah should be done once only on each sock.

And Allah knows best