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ANSWERED: Nando's Halal or Haram

Last updated: 14th September 2004
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Anonymous Bro
14th September 2004

Assalaamu alaykum, Dear respected Muftis, could you please with detail tell us for sure whether Nando's is Halal or Haraam. wa alaykum salam

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14th September 2004
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Those branches of Nando's who claim to be Halaal are buying their chicken from Freemans of Newent, a farm in Gloucestershire. One of the managers at Freemans, Mr Nigel Freeman guaranteed that their chickens are Halaal. He said they have plenty of Muslims from Indian and Pakistani backgrounds working in the Halaal section at the farm. He even mentioned the name of Mufti Yusuf Sacha (a well recognised Mufti, very well acquainted in the food industry). Upon trying to confirm that information with Mufti Yusuf Sacha, he said that his license issued to Freeman's has run out. He couldn't comment any further. Just to make a point here, Freeman's chickens were being distributed in London by a company named Dibbs. They were cutting the chicken into pieces and marinating them. It must be remembered here that Dibbs are a massive distributor who receive chickens from all sorts of farms, Halaal and non-Halaal. Despite the argument that the Freeman's chickens were bagged with a Halaal stamp on it, there was an incident of a Muslim chicken shop owner who was ordering the same chicken, i.e. Freemans via Dibbs for his shop. He was sent Halaal stamped bags and non-Halaal, even though he only asked for Halaal. This goes to show that these people are careless in their handling and also, it is not monitored well. How can ones heart be content and satisfied by eating from such a place?

Later information received from a brother who was e-mailed by Freemans, was, that they directly supply Nandos and not via Dibbs. I am still not satisfied by this. What if Nandos run out of order and stock one evening, how then will they get their supplies? This is entirely possible. Also, the sauces that are used need to be closely examined. There maybe some ingredients in them that are not suitable for Muslims. There has been information that they are undergoing research on this aspect in South Africa. We will inform the people of the results Inshallah. Also, they are selling alcohol in the same restaurants. There is a very strong possibility of close contamination. The same hands serving the food are used to serve the alcohol. Close contamination is an aspect people rearly take into consideration. The same rulig applies to sandwiches from Marks and Spencers and all supermarkets. Have we ever considered that they maybe using the same knives to cut cheese and bread as they use to cut ham and Haraam chicken and Beef? Why would they serve alcohol and then Halaal chicken? The two are contrary to one another. Also, the point of women serving is an aspect we must take into consideration. There are so many reasons for not eating from there. These businesses are not their for the well-being of the Muslim community. They make an effort to please all their customers. If you approach the nandos halaal department and ask them from a sikh angle then they will try to make all sorts of excuses to justify themselves so that you eat from their restaurants. (bearing in mind that sikh people are not allowed to consume animals slaughtered in the Muslim way)

The above-mentioned points bring about alot of doubt due to which one must abstain from such restaurants. Especially when our lives don't depend on these restaurants. A Muslim leaves that which is doubtful and holds on to the doubtless. One must be very careful of that which he consumes for the rewards of his prayers and the acceptance of his du'aas rely upon the things that he consumes. We should try and stay away from all doubtful and Haraam things in any quantity, small or big. The Prophets were ordered by Allah in the Qur'an to consume only Halaal. If we consume Haraam or doubtful things then this has a big effect on our actions and our prayers are not answered.

May Allah open our hearts, save us from Haraam and give us the Tawfeeq to accept the Haqq (truth). Ameen

Answered by Mufti Yaseen Shaikh - Answer Approved by Shaikhul Hadeeth Mufti Farooq