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urgent help with toilet matters

Last updated: 11th December 2005
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11th December 2005

Assalamun alaikum

I have a problem emptying my bladder as I cannot empty in one go. I have to sit for a long time 10-15mins and it comes in drops all time (bits at a time e.g. scatted). Afterwards I go to read wudu there is a burning sensation as if I need to pass urine again, now when I do back to toilet it is only a few drops. This buring sensation doesn't go away and is affecting my concentration of namaz as I cannot concentrate becasue of the pain. Outside namaz I a can last 30-45 sometime without having to go to the toilet but during namaz when I am into few mins of reading namaz the pain happens. I have been to the doctors and they said it is nothing. Please tell me what to do.

I have read that if you need toanswer to callof nautre u shouldn't carried reading namaz but this is an ongoing problem out of namaz and during namaz.

I've tried going bac to toile and doing wudu whenever i felt the pain. I can't keep going bac to toilet and do wudu all the time as my concentration and doing the namaz gets spoiled and I feel that the namaz is a burden (astagferullah)

Please help me this is urgent.

I have been ignoring the pain while I am reading namaz (e.g.4 rakats, 12 rakats, 8 rakats,7 rakats and 17 rakats of namaz), is this right.

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13th December 2009
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Al-jawab billahi at-taufeeq (the answer with Allah's guidance)

InshaAllah, your Salah will be valid.

It seems that the problem you are experiencing is bladder stones. I request that you seek consultation from a Doctor.

To consume honey, black seed, myrobalan, black eyed beans, and garlic removes bladder stones and regularises the urines. (Tibbi Nabawi)

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And Only Allah Ta'ala Knows Best.