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Participating in Xmas activities

Last updated: 7th December 2005
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7th December 2005


Assalamualaikum Mufti Saheb,

Is it permissible to attend nativity plays/Xmas celebrations in our children's schools in order to display mutual tolerance and respect towards the staff and non-Muslims parents?

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Answer last updated on:
8th December 2005
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Ulamaa ID 03
Location: UK
7th Zul-Qa'dah 1426 - 8th December 2005
Bismihi Ta'aalaa

This is not permissible.

Mutual tolerance cannot be achieved by compromising
one's religious principles.

It is essential for Muslims to denounce beliefs which
are alien to Islamic teachings and at the same time
show respect for the followers of other faiths.

Respect can be attained by inculcating noble Islamic
qualities such as truthfulness, honesty, kindness,
integrity, punctuality, modesty and humbleness etc.
These are universal qualities which will win
appreciation and respect.

The Honourable Sahabah (R.A) gained respect in foreign
lands with these noble qualities without having to
participate in their un-Islamic qualities.

Allah (SWT) says in the Holy Qur'an, "Verily the Deen
(accepted) with Allah is (only) Islam." (3:19)

Allah (SWT) Knows Best.