20th April 2009

Disposal of islamic cassettes, cds and papers

Respected Mufti
How should one dispose of islamic cassettes ect?
23rd January 2009

Name Yasfir


I would like to know if the name "Yasfir" is a good muslim name, or not.

I heard that it means the "right arm of shaytan".

Should i change my name?

Kind regards,
Yasfir Ebrahim
22nd January 2009

Islamic names

asalaam alikum
my name is mohamed ali and i have two sons one is called AHAMED MAIZ MOHAMED and the other son MAAD MOHAMED ALI. my question is about the names MAIZ and MAAD , can you explain the meanings of this two names, beacuse some people say MAIZ means "old goat" , MAAD means "to retun to god" so do i have to change the names or is it islamic names, so please explain this
19th January 2009

Shaving head of new borns

salaam alaikum. please could you tell me does the shaving of a newborns head have to be done on the seventh day of birth,or could it be done before the seventh day?also, do you have to recite anything,and if yes, what?and also,can the mother of the new born perform the shaving of the newborns head.please answer as full as possible, i am quite confused. jazakhula
19th January 2009

Can you put papers with the name ALLAAH in the recycling bin?

Would it be advisable to put papers with the name "ALAAH" written on them in the recycling bin rather than burning them?

As they often get put in the masjids and they dont get burnt until they have quite a load & then they just get thrown around.

Jazaakallaah khair!
19th January 2009

Naming a baby boy as Raashideen

Assalamu alaikum,We have 2 daughters named as Aamilah and Saalihah, we are expecting a baby insha Allah if the baby is a boy, can we name him as RAASHIDEEN.
11th January 2009

Reading Quran


I work in a call centre where I take calls. At the same time I sit at a computer with internet access and I'm allowed to do anything on there.

I want to ask is it jaiz to read the Quran from the computer at the same time as listening to caller's messages and answering calls.
10th January 2009

Shaitan and Qur'aan

Assalamu Alaikum Respected Ulama,
Is there any basis in Islam for the saying that if one leaves the Qur'aan open 'Shaitan reads it' or if you have ayaats of Qur'aan on frames that it should be covered because 'Shaitan reads it and distorts the meaning' (of the ayaats)?
Jazakallah khairan
10th January 2009

Dreams being 46th part of Prophethood

Assalamu Alaykum Warahamtullahi Wabrakatuhu,

I pray that this question reached you in the best of health and iman. Ameen.

I have read this calculation in my Tirmidhi Sharah but I do not get it. Could you please explain it (even briefly) please? The following is the calculation:

The first Wahy (revelation) came down for Six Months. And Wahy (revelation) lasted 23 years. So the first Wahy being 6 months ( beause 2 six months = 1 Year) 2 x 23 years = 46 months. Thus Dreams are 1/46th part Prophethood.

You may have guessed that it refers to the hadeeth in which rasulullah (SAW) says that Dreams are a 46th of nabuwaah.

Please do remember me in your duas.


Wassalamu 'Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu
22nd December 2008

Name of my son

assalamualaikum. my son is 18 months old and i named him MD TAHMIDUR RAHMAN, meaning who praises almighty continuously. is it okay? his nick name is RAKIN meaning respected. now i have some arabian people around me and they say rakin is not an arabic name. they even can not recognise what is it. is rakin okay? pl suggest.
22nd December 2008

Beating someone

Beating some one is allowed in Islam? Someone for no reason
at all? Out of hate or outrage. Especially in a cementry.
20th December 2008

Saying Salam whilst eating

Assalamu Alaikum,

What is the hukum of conveying salaam to someone whilst eating? is it makrooh, permissible...etc?
19th December 2008

Permissable Attire

Asalamoalykum. Please could you elaborate on the clothes worn by our beloved Prophet SAW. Also is it haraam to wear western clothes. Jazakallah.
18th December 2008


Are Alina and Jiah Islamic Names and what they mean.
13th December 2008

Tafseer of Aminah Elahi

Assalamu Alikum,

Respected Mufti Saheb,

I would like to know (as a male) would it be permissible for me to listen to the Tafseer of Aminah Elahi on Audio, which can be downloaded from aswat-al-isalm.com. Secondly is her tafseer reliable.

Jazzak Allah
9th December 2008

Islamic cartoons

Assalam aleykum. Are islamic cartoons that contain music alowed? My husband says that the benefit outweights the harm but i can't help feeling that i'm poisoning them.
9th December 2008

Can we do Salam to ladies at market place

Assalam Walaikum,

My question is can we do Salam to our Ladies relative on street or at market place,because I heard we cannot do Salam at market or on street to Ladies. Is it right if so please reply.

Allah Hafiz.

Shaikh Anwar.

9th December 2008

New born daughter’s name

We like to name our daughter MAANHA. We found the meaning of the name is “gift from Allah”. I was wondering whether the spelling and meaning are correct.
29th November 2008

Issue with mame AbdulMunaf. Should I change it.

Recently I joined classes for learning Arabic, at
which my arabic teacher said that my name i.e.
AbdulMunaf is not a good name. As Munaf was the
name of pre-islamic idol the meaning of name is
Slave of Munaf an idol, and thus must be changed.

I searched internet to find the meaning and found:
1) Munaf/Manaf was indeed name of an Idol.
2) AbdulMunaf was name of great gradfather of our
beloved Prophet Muhammad(P.B.U.H.).
3) Meaning of Munaf is "the Exalted/ the high",
and who is more high than Allah SWT. So this may
mean Slave of Allah.

So now I am bit confused.

Now my questions are:
1) Should I change my name?
2) If I change my name, should I have to change
is officialy i.e. change it in all my degrees,
documents etc?

Allah Hafiz
29th November 2008



When a person is on a state where because of the amount of questions being posed to them their iman is becoming weak what should they do? I am becoming alim and the amounts of questions being posed to me now are many. I cannot answer many of the q's and feel very bad for this. This is also putting me off becoming Alim, as i think i do not have sufficient knowledge for this position. I do not think i am worthy of the status or responsisbility. My iman is becoming weak as i feel i do not know anything. This is quite worrying as i am only months away from graduating. Should i just leave?