29th November 2011


Asslamualikum Mufti abu bakar karolia sahab.

I got a fatwa about alcohol denat dated 3rd Nov 2006 it says it is is permissible to use perfumes which have alcohol made from other products than grapes dates and barley. i wanted to know if alcohol made from wheat is permissible to use in making perfume.could you please explain why alcohol made from grapes, barley and dates is not permissible and why alcohol made from other products is halal.

If you want copy of fatawa i can provide it to you.

Usama kosada
29th November 2011

Upbringing of child/sleeping habits

I have a question in relation to the general advice given by midwives and health vistors.

in order to encourage a child to fall asleep on his own and not be scared or attention seeking the advice given is that if a child above the age of 1 years is waking frequently during the night and does not settle without a dummy or rocking etc then the child can be sleep trained by allowing it to 'cry it out'

This means that slowly over a period of weeks the mother initially checks that the child is clean and not unwell then distances herself from the child for about 5 minuites
then the next day 10 minutes etc
and each day takes longer before going in to the child, leaving the child to cry in the bed and eventually fall asleep on his own.
it is difficult to go into detail as the are many different approaches. the following quote is from the nhs website:
"If your child cries, leave them for 5-10 minutes before going back in and settling them down again.
Donít pick them up or take them downstairs. If your child gets up, put them back to bed again."


My question is that is this permissible?

sorry for the lengthy question.
22nd November 2010

Accepting payment for a gift already given

(*Kindly do not post on website*)

A relative of mine wished to purchase a pair of shoes from an online store. She chose the shoe, saw the cost price (not including

shipping and duties) and gave me the link to buy it for her. She said at that time she would pay the costs for it.
Before buying and paying for this pair, I also saw another pair of shoes on this website for my mother and told this relative I would buy the shoes for her and pay for it and she did not object to this. I therefore purchased two pair of shoes from this site and combined the shipping costs and when it arrived here, I paid for the duties collectively (note the duties were calculated differently for each, but the receipt I have only shows one figure as the Post Office does not itemise).
When the items came, I told this relative about it, and she came to my house, having been given the shoes for her by my mother.

She had them on before I could come out to greet her, and I told her to take them off as they are not hers as yet. She did this, and I then handed them over to her, saying 'here this is a gift for you', to which she accepted, said 'Thank You' and took them home.
Now, about two weeks later, she decides to pay for them. She said she wanted to pay for the item, and I told her I would not accept any payment. She then sent by me a sum of money in US dollars far in excess of what I paid for her item.
My question then is whether or not I can accept this money, as I am concerned of the following:
(1). That the gift having been accepted by her now rests in her possession, and thus how can I receive money for an item not owned by me?
(2) Alternatively, she would have undertaken to pay the cost I incurred in acquiring the item- which is a fixed amount (different from value of the item). As I said I intended to pay for the item for her and thus grouped it together with something for my mother. Thus, it is almost impossible to calculate the exact cost (re duties and shipping) I incurred for this item, and my concern here is then whether accepting more or less of this fixed cost would be counted as interest? For example if it cost me $77 and I took $75, or even average it to $80 would this be ok?
Finally, as I said she gave the money in US dollars, and the currency rate at that time is different from now, and the money charged from my account was charged under my local currency. Is it then permissable to accept this US money? Would I have to pay back in local or US?
In this situation what should I do- return the money? keep all the money she sent? insists for a return of the gift (as she expresses to pay for it so she thus rejects it)?
I would be grateful for your islamic advice on this matter.
JazakALLAH for your time.
22nd November 2010

Shahmir Name

my son Shahmir Faisal is 1.6 years of age. He started walking at the age of one year and 4 months. He is still not able to talk although some time he says "Ammi" or "Papa".
Someone has told us that his name "Shahmir" is heavy on him. Coz Shahmir means "King of the kings" which is only GOD.

Now tell us whether we should change his name or not?
23rd February 2010


I believe that whatever happens, happens for a good reason from Allah...

Keeping it short, i want to ask should a person do a istikhara himself or ask other people to do it for themselves. In our society, we tend to ask the Imam and other religious people to do it.

I want advice that because Allah knows the will of the heart,

1) Should a person do Istikhara themselves or through parents or should they ask other people who are not directly aware and involved in the matter to do the istikhara....

2) Also, how many times should a person do a Istikhara? Should they be content with 1-2 times or should it be done 7 times incase it comes unfavorable?

3) What if the istikhara comes favorable from one side and unfavorable from other side??

Please quote any relevant hadith or fatwa with reference in this regard...

I am really really worried and any help will be rewarded by Allah

27th January 2010

Invalidating Salah, Nasheeds, Celebrating Mawlid

1 i wanted to know who are the muftis whao answer the questions and queries?

2 i know that acording to the hanafi fiqh if the chest is shifed away frm the qiblah the salah is batil, but what is the view of imam malik ra and what is the refrence

3 ruling about nasheeds with indian tone jaiz or not?

4 is celebrating mawlid jaiz or not?
3rd January 2010

Donating sperm

salam brothers.
i have been wondering if a person can donate sperm to help others who cannot have babies with their partners. is this permissible in our religion. please let me know.
31st December 2009

Food and drink

Asalaam Aliakum,i have a question regarding my father in-law. i am married to my husband who is a revert and has been for nearly 6 years Allhamdulilah. we often go down to see his father who is a hindu. he offers us food and drink. i just wanted to know if its permissable to eat and drink from there, if not then what would one say and do without hurting that persons feelings.

walaikum salaam
14th November 2009

Meaning of Laiba


Alhamdulilah My daughter is 11 month old and her name is "Laiba". When deciding the name, I have cheked the meaning of this name and at various places I found it as " Maiden (Hoor) of Jannah". Also, I have checked some fatwas by mufti and as per them Laiba means "Laiba originates from the Arabic root word 'Laba' which means to play. Laiba is also the name of some of the maidens in Jannah' by Mufti Ebrahim Desai (refer# http://www.askimam.org/fatwa/fatwa.php?askid=27316586814eb65a34f3ca0efb694397).

Currently, there is a huge cofusion is going on as some Arabs and some Ulma told me that this is not a good name for a girl and it's meaning is "To Play" whereas I found both meanings with a little pronunciation difference. 1 Person told me if this a name of Maiden than this should be mentioned in Quarn or Hadith which seems to be true.

I would request you to please clarify me and my family cofusion and explain in detail the meaning of "Laiba". Also, please tell whether "Laiba" is good to keep or we have to change the name.

Your earliest reply will ease our life.
29th October 2009

Effect of name of individual due to person having severe disability

This question is regarding the name OZYAR, (ain zaal ya raa in arabic) i want to know if it is possible for the name to affect the characteristics or troubles the person is going through, as he has a severe bone condition and sight problems

[Admin Edit: Question 159 is removed as it is a repeat of this question. Question slightly edited accordingly]
29th October 2009


are nasheeds (islamic songs) with only percussion allowed? no musical instruments are used.
29th October 2009

Zain bhikha nazams

sallmas r we allowed 2 lisen to zain bhika nazams

plz reply
1st July 2009

False Swear

What is the kufara for taking false swear??? I was forced to took swear by putting QURAN in hands, that later i broke out. Now I want to know the Kufara for my broken swear?
1st July 2009

Regarding the Display of Pictures to help Sales

I have read your knowledgebase regarding the use and viewing of pictures.

Whilst it is haraam to take or look at pictures, I wanted to know if there was any leniency for people like me who use pictures of males and females to help sell my products.

For an example, see my website at www.shifttrading.com

I have a set of pictures which I use to bring about an emotional reaction in the mind of the reader so that they are more likely to purchase my product.

Is this allowed?

If not, I will have to remove the pictures from my website.
8th June 2009


I know a person with name as "Saferdeen".

He says some people quoted that it wasnt a good name, and because he travels daily they say its because of his name.

What have you got to say about this.

8th June 2009

Hair dye ingredients

hi may i know which ingredients are haram in a hair dye?
7th June 2009

Hasan al Askari


I was reading on article relating to the current events in Iraq, where a Shi'a shrine was damaged.I quote:

"The tombs of Imam Ali Al Hadi (radi allahu anhu) and Imam Hasan Al Askari (radi allahu anhu) have been a place of great spiritual and religious significance. Both Imams hold a significant spiritual position in both Sunni and Shia schools and command the utmost respect and reverence from all believers alike."

I was wondering if this in fact true and the mentioned 'Imaams' hold any significance in Islam. I couldn't help but think of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilaani (ra) who was undoubtedly a great scholar, yet after his death, some people have elevated his status to a level of Shirk.


26th May 2009


20th April 2009

Seeking forgiveness

i wish to know if i could get the forgiveness of allah and what the shariah tell about the issues for both of us.

I have a best friend of the same sex, we are both male, we acted homosexual with each other. I want to know how to ask forgiveness for this please help
20th April 2009

Name of daughter

Sir my question is regarding name of my daughter, who born on 16th nov.2006, i named her as "Nayha Fatima". afterward i come to know that word "Nayha" is hindi name, where as at the time of giving name to my daughter i was told this is persiean word meaning is genious/wise. then ask same word meaning in hindi which meaning is loving, so i want to know that is this name is ok in islam, i would like to tell you that i was palaing to give my daughter name fatima, where as someone told me this is heavy for her according to her birthday and her name should start with urdu alphbat Noon. So pls tell me islamic status of this name