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Is my money in bank my saved money or interest based money

Last updated: 26th September 2019
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26th September 2019

Assalamu alaykum, i have took out a interest based loan from uni (7k) and i have 500 saved in my bank, after 2 years of uni i spent the money i had and now have 200 left, i spent this money with no intention of using the saved money or the loan money, and now after 2 years i want to not spend this loan money , as i cannot choose what money i can spend or what which money i have spent over the 2 years, is the money left (200) the interest based or saved money,


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

الجواب حامداومصليا

First of all, you must repent as taking interest is Haram.  The money that is left must be returned to the loaner and if that is not possible then you can give it as Sadaqah without any hope of reward.

ويردونها على أربابها ان عرفوهم والاتصدقوا بها لان سبيل الكسب الخبيث التصدق اذاتعذر الرد على صاحبه (ردالمحتار, كتاب الحظر والاباحة, فصل فى البيع ج6 ص385 سعيد)

(ان من شرط التوبة أن ترد الظلامة الى أصحابها فان كان ذالك فى المال وجب أداؤه عيناأودينا مادام مقدوراعليه (القواعد للزركشي ج2 ص245 بيروت                   

And Allah knows best

01 ٍSafar 1441/ 01 October 2019

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13th October 2019
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