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Meaning of Ahnaf

Last updated: 7th September 2019
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Md.Zakir Hussain
7th September 2019



In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful

The meaning of the word Ahnaf (أحنف) is 'afflicted with a distortion of the foot' (feet turned inwards). [1]

However, in its superlative form, it can also take the meaning, 'most upright' or 'best guided.' [2]

And Allah Ta’āla knows best

11 September 2019 / 12 Muharram 1441 AH


[1] https://ejtaal.net - root word "Hnf": http://tiny.cc/v28kcz

[2] http://companions.hawramani.com/ahnaf/

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13th September 2019
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