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benefits overpayment

Last updated: 21st February 2013
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Assalamoalikum Dear Scholars, Few years ago i use to get benefits from the government (working tax credits and child tax credit). The tax credits allowance is based on the yearly household income. For one particular year i informed the Inland Revenue about my yearly income for that year and based on the figure i had provided ,a final decision was made by the Inland Revenue and i received benefits(working and child tax credit). However i had made an error on the yearly income, ie i had declared a lower yearly income to the Inland Revenue than what it actually was. Thus, i once again contacted Inland Revenue and informed them of the correct (higher)amount of household income. (as my household income was higher than what i had declared initially,my benefits would be lower and it would mean that i would have to repay the excess benefits that i had received). However the Inland Revenue amended the records but never asked me to repay the excess money that i had received as benefits. If i am not asked by the Inland Revenue to pay back this overpayment what can i do with the overpaid money ? Can i give it to charity ? What type of charity can i give it as ? What intention do i make ? JAZAKALLAH KHAIR.

Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem

Al Jawaab Wa Billahit-Tawfeeq

Respected questioner,

Please phone/contact Inland Revenue and explain the situation and ask what should be done.

And Allah knows best

Answer last updated on:
13th March 2013
Answered by:
Ulamaa ID 12
Location: United Kingdom