Marriage - Over 13

Marriage - Over 13
5th August 2007

Is it necessary to have sexual intercourse during the wedding night

sir i am clear in my question......i have asked many of my friends about this and they have said that it is necessary to hav sexual intercourse during the night of the this true???
Marriage - Over 13
23rd July 2007

How to make my husband love me

we have been maried 17 years have kids but since our mariage ,my husband does not once even love me ,i have been treated like a servant whether i live at susral or separately,i do everything which i could do for him,house work,i sell my jewllery for money,what more i could do but instead he never say i am good,but say to every body that i am a bad person,all i wanted to ask that what should i do to improve my situation,i need urgent reply please.
Marriage - Over 13
23rd July 2007

Masterbation-Is it Allowed

is masturbation aloud
Marriage - Over 13
17th July 2007

Divorce before rukhsati

assalam alaikum. im in deep trouble. can u please help me out. i had my nikah last year and rukhsati was scheduled to take place this year. after nikah i had physical relations with my husband BUT TO A CERTAIN EXTENT. i.e my virginity is still intact. before rukhsati my husband game me divorce for no fault of mine. my question is..since we have touched i have to undergo iddat. can we remarry after iddat period expires? and since my rukhsati didnt take place im in my parents house..can i go out for work durin iddat?
Marriage - Over 13
12th July 2007

Is marriage or nikah still valid?

Assalamoalaikum respected mufti hazraat.

Can you please address the following question.

A husband and wife have been separated indefinitely (not divorced) for a number of years. They have been living apart during this time period, they havenít been in contact and the prospect of them getting back together in the future isnít likely. According to Sharia, is their marriage annulled?

Jazakallah Khair

Marriage - Over 13
11th July 2007


as i am divorced and do wish 2 re-marry sum1 out of my culture sum1 who is a good muslim brother and if my parents dont agree.. can i still marry him as i am divorced will it b my own choice ?
Marriage - Over 13
8th July 2007




some one asked wheather contraception was halaal oor not ?i said it was NOT but may be there is srong reasons under which it is allowed but i told them that i let them know as soon as possible.

the question is ;

is contraception halaal in islam?


Marriage - Over 13
30th June 2007


Asalaam O alykum,
I have an issue I am really worried about and Inshallah hope you may be able to guide me on it. Please reply to all my questions if possible. JazakAllah. I have been married to my husband for nearly 2 years now. Recently my husband took me into confidence and revealed a few things about him.
I forgive him as he has trusted in me and he is regretting his actions. I would want to know Islamic Shariah rulings on this.
Basically my husband visited a massage parlour once with his friends for a massage. They ended up at the wrong place where women offered oral sex. My husband has since visited some of these places quite a few times even during our marriage. My question is:
What does Zina and adultery mean? Is it the actual action of intercourse? As my husband had oral performed on him, is this Zina? Is he an adulterer? He has never had illegal intercourse. Has he commited the Major Sin?? (Please let me know). Is hand relief by other women also Zina (major sin?). If the hadood were applicable would he be stoned to death? Does it affect our marriage. Is having a massage by these women commiting Zina?
Please tell me how he can offer repentance, a: if it was a major sin he commited, and b: if it was not a major sin. My husband is very upset in himself.
Is there any dua he can recite to protect himself.
I am very upset myself for my husband. I do not want him to be punished. I love him. I fear Allah.
Marriage - Over 13
28th June 2007

Are we still married?

i have emailed before but got no response

i have been married for 1 year 6 month and consumated marriage on the first night

after that my husband refuses to be with me

are we still married?

we do everything exept sleep togehter

what can i do to overcome this and bring us close

please advise me

Marriage - Over 13
27th June 2007


Is it permissable for a husband to masterbate his wife and for a wife to mastebate her husband?
Marriage - Over 13
27th June 2007

Witness after nikah

We accepted each other as huband and wife verbally without any human being as witness. I followed all the rules that are required for marriage, i.e. I gave a gift to her as a haq-mehr. Then we invited our neighbour on dinner to tell that we got married. Besides, my wife's sister and some of our friends know that we got married and living as a man and wife. I am now confused after reading some fatwa's. Please tell me as soon as possible if it is a valid Nikah?
Marriage - Over 13
24th June 2007

My cousin2

slmz - wanted to know if one can masturbate her self to pleasure her husband. w/s
Marriage - Over 13
24th June 2007

Private parts

is it permisibale to touch,rub and put your finger in the private parts of your partner?
Marriage - Over 13
18th June 2007


If a men has not had Khitan done to him can he get Married
Marriage - Over 13
12th June 2007

Sex before marriage

salaams there!
i was just wondering say a girl and boy have sex before marriage can they both get married to each other at all? if not why?
is the girl impure for another man?
Marriage - Over 13
6th June 2007


When a woman has her menstrual period, is it allowed for her to perform oral sex to her husband on his request?
Marriage - Over 13
2nd June 2007


I had sex with a girl before i got married, but i have now got married to that same girl, would my sins for having sex before marriage be forgiven or not. i have had no other sexual relationship with anyone else besides her.
Marriage - Over 13
30th May 2007

Sex with a girl before marrying her

I have a friend who is in some trouble and i want to help him through the right guidence. My friend is in luv with a girl for a few years and they have a plan to marry. Lately he and the girl got invloved in seeing each other and having sex before even the marriage was decided.
What does Islam say about this? And is it HALAL for this boy and girl to get married now and repent on the sin?
Marriage - Over 13
20th May 2007

Is this allowed??

can a wife perform oral sex for the husband if he is wearing a condom?
Marriage - Over 13
3rd February 2007

Talak n remarry


i just wanted to ask u about something i m facing..i was married to a widow with 2 Small children's in 1992. i just gave her divorce but after first talak i roojo wid her and after second i too roojo wid her but know i have given her last talak.. i approached mufti sahab in context for halala. with the fact we both living in same house..i just wanted to know that can i and she re marry without doing halalla with new nikha and maher...

i would humbly request you to kindly take out time out of your busy life and consider this...i would be waiting for your answer..