Marriage - Over 13

Marriage - Over 13
22nd January 2021


A boy at the age of 13 did a heinous act.He penetrated penis into a girl's anus when she was 8 or 9..He told her that it was just a game...After that,he realized his mistake,told his mother and few of his friends in deep remorse and repent to Allah and ask forgiveness from that girl..Now he is 20 and recently knew about the punishment of rape and it’s compensation as a dowry..So,he is shcoked now as he didn’t knew that before..He is also confused that whether he reached puberty that time or not,whether it was a rape or not, whether he has to pay compensation or not and whether he repented from that sin properly or not so that he can move on and marry another woman...It will be so kind of you if you kindly clarify it in details..He is suffering from waswas for this.
Marriage - Over 13
26th October 2020

Stop pregnancy before 40days


I am very tensed. Plese advise me. I have just deliver a baby boy by CS in November 2019. I have just discovered i am pregnant again after 5 months and it is only 25 days. Can i stop my pregancy by taking pills or aspiration by a doctor before 40 days.
I am ready for the baby as me and my husband are building our house. We had a lot of problem i am staying at my mother husband stay at his mother place.

Please help me
Marriage - Over 13
6th February 2020

Oral sex

I would like to know whether a husband can have oral sex with his wife? Islam is not clear on this issue some imams say it allowed others say it is mukruh or forbidden.

What is the reason for Islam being so confused on this issue?
Marriage - Over 13
31st December 2019

Is ghusl required when pleasure applied forcelly

While I was sleeping (in partially awakening condition in sleep) on bed on early morning sometimes due to high sexual feelings erections happening and during that time I am slightly pressing my pvt part on bed, then lot of sticky liquid is coming out and touches cloth. But it is not ejaculation. I know this is big problem for me every morning and so I can not go for prayer in morning because I have to take bath and change clothes and wash those clothes. I am trying to stop this completely, but still repeating this issue. In such case Is ghusl required to perform Salah? Do I have to wash clothes? I need advise based on Quran and Our prophet Muhammad.
Marriage - Over 13
12th May 2014

Uncle's Kiss

"I am getting married soon and the groom side's real uncles (maternal and paternal) have this tradition of kissing the bride on the forehead. How should I go about this situation"?
Marriage - Over 13
24th October 2012

Menstruation being realised only after Intercourse

We are a new couple and the period mentioned here refers to that occurred first in our marriage life.My wife was not aware about her periods until she saw blood after intercourse and I myself saw blood while in intercourse but I was presuming it was due to excessive entry and didnt inform my wife thinking she would fear.

Our intention was strong not to have intercourse while in periods but it so happened with both of us realising periods only after intercourse and Allah's knows best.
Marriage - Over 13
24th October 2012

Iddat after talaak

i waz divoced before 3 years and i did not perform iddat,but now i will be getting married and i want to know what to do, will i have to perform iddat now?if yes the how and how many months?
please help.
Marriage - Over 13
31st August 2012

Dream of Wedding - Interpretation

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullaahi Wa Barakaatuhu Dear Respected Ulama,

Ramadhan Mubarak.

I have recently had a dream about my own wedding. I am 29 years old and my family are in the process of looking for a bride for me. So far I've not had much luck.

In the dream I can only vaguely remember that there was a gathering of people at a venue/hall where I was standing next to my mother. We were both looking through the crowd at an attractive girl sitting on a decorated chair, who in this case was my new wife.

The thing is both me and my mum looked over at the girl as if we were seeing the girl for the first time. My initial impression of the girl was that she was attractive. I asked my mum what she thought and she was okay with her but not that impressed either. Bear in mind my mind has a tendency never to get excited easily, except after some thought. Also I should mention I felt happy and a sense of relief in the dream.

Please can you tell me this dream sounds like it has a meaning? Or could it have just been a random meaningless dream?

Jazakallahu Khair. May Allah SWT reward you highly in this holy month and accept all your efforts. Ameen.

Marriage - Over 13
17th May 2012

Premature ejaculation

I suffer from premature ejaculation. Me and my wife have found that if she masterbates me from time to time, then that helps when we have sexual intercoarse.
Since I can't masterbate my self, my wife would like to know that is it permissible for her to use a male masturbator (sex toy) on me.
She prefers to use a male masturbator (sex toy) than her hand.
Marriage - Over 13
15th May 2012

Problem controlling desires

Asalamualaikum Respected Mufti please help me with the following issue.

i am 21 years old and find it very hard controlling my desires. its become a kind of habit that i look at indecent pictures of women on the internet whilst in bed laying face down and then move around on my bed in such a way whilst looking at the pictures until i end up ejaculating. i know and feel that this is so wrong and i try and make tauba aswell but i still end up repeating this again.

1. does this count as masturbation even though i dont touch my private parts with my hands at all?

2. i cannot get married at the moment because of studies. other than fasting please could you advise me of how i can get rid of this bad habit because i know it is a sin and can affect my health and can make me weak for when i get married. please tell me anything i can do to stop this habit like if there are any certain duas i can pray or wazeefas etc

please get back to me as soon as possible. may Allah reward you greatly in both this world and in the hereafter. Ameen
Marriage - Over 13
22nd December 2011

Unclear short text message

I would like some advice - Almost a year ago I received an unclear text from my husband saying 'u r nt stayn n i hvn gvn u 1 divorce 2 to go n we r dun'.

I replied asking for clarification 'are you saying that if I stay at my mums you're giving me a divorce (I can't remember if I asked whether he will be giving me a divorce or he is giving me one if I do stay' and he replied

'Obviously - I h8 u for making me do this'.

Due to this I did not stay at mums and returned home immediately. I have not stayed since because I did not know if I am allowed even with his permission in the future.
Can you please advise me on how I stand in my marriage and also if I am able to stay at mums in the future with my husband's permission.
Marriage - Over 13
22nd July 2011


Respected Sir,
While having an intercourse with wife, we sleep on the mattress with a bedsheet on it , pillow cover is involved , blanked is involved and many other her clothes , husbands clothes .
Now I want to make clear is it necessary to wash all , i.e bedsheet , pillow cover, blanket etc.etc. If it is so , it is highly impossible to have sexual intercourse daily ,from where one will bring so much water, place to dry etc.
Kindly let me know, thing is small , but will clearify the doubts of many.
Awaiting for your reply at the earliest.

Thanking you,
Marriage - Over 13
29th June 2011


Asalaamualaykum brother, My question is fairly long, but it is very complicated so please have patience with my question. I apologise for the length. Ya allah reward you my brother.

I am in Deep love with a girl with whom i currently am maintaining a long distance relationship with. It has nearly been 1 year. I have the absolute intent of marrying her ASAP to prevent myself from sinning, however, as she is from a pakistani background and her family follow the tradition of arranged marriage to a member of the family, We both have not been able to make our relationship oblivious to the parents. As she is only 16, we both feel that telling the parents now will only resort in them claiming 'were too young' and most probably create difficulties for marriage in the future. However we are not entirely sure how her parents and the rest of her family (Uncles, Aunts) are going to take this.

I myself am a person who hasn't a care for most things in life anymore since I am a loyal person who's figured that from family to friends, there isn't anyone who you can trust and rely on apart from Allah SWT, which is why, even though i am living in the Gangland of this kufr society, i am Doing my best to represent Islam and Allah SWT through my lifestyle. As a person who has given up with most things, My last option of life was to just Live for Allah SWT to the best of my abiltiy and to Die as a Martyr.

I Treat this girl as if we were already married to the best of my ability. If her family reject me, as a big family full of strong people, they may possibly resort to violence, and i am not willing to appose any Muslim ever, however i have the willingness to go to any extent to marry her. If i dont recieve her, then I do not want to create any fitnah against her family as i love them as if they were my own.

May you please give me some Guidance in what i should do, and please give me some reference to what the Quran says and also to what Islamic Hadiths say?
Jazakallah Brother
Marriage - Over 13
22nd November 2010

Non muslim marriage

sir my question is that. can a muslim man marry to non muslim girl. is that right. plz guide me in this issue. i will wait for ure answer
Marriage - Over 13
31st January 2010

Having feelings for someone


I have deep feelings for this boy that i know, ever since college i liked him, but we never did any wrong. I have known him since college, i do not have contact with him now, i feel like he is the one that i would like to get married to if allah wills, i never got the chance to tell him about these feelings, am i committing a sin for having feelings for him and for liking him? is there any special dua i can read for him to be my life partner?, i sincerely make dua to allah for granting my wishes, please advice....

Marriage - Over 13
31st December 2009

Civil divorce by law

salam. my freind has been divorse the english way and not through the islamic way. but they have been separeted for about 2 years. is they marage over by the islamic law. or is it until he does not say talaq three times it is not over.
Marriage - Over 13
31st December 2009

Is this divorce valid or not

after an arqument of several hours the husband gets out of the bedroom and shouts out shut up few times then says the word talaq a number of times. while the wife is in the bedroom after that the wife asks him how many times has he said it first he says he can't remeber then says four times then says two times and now he says he does not know how many times but admits saying the word. the wife is saying it was more than two the husband is denying this saying he honestly can not remember and did not have the intention of divorce and says he siad the word talaq to shut the wife up. what should the wife do regarding this matter does her hearing count or not. He is aslo saying that he is willing to take oath that he does not remeber the number of times he said talaq.
Marriage - Over 13
28th October 2009

Mother of girl refusing marriage proposal due to our 6 year unlawful relationship

assallaam alaikum ,
mufti sahab i love one girl her name is farha,n r rlation ship is from last 6years and from last 2yrs we are having sex and now before going to umrah i confessed everything to farha mother what all relation we have but the thing is now her mother curse me and tell me that she will kill farha but wnt marry farha to me and farha dnt go beyoung her family and now what should i do please tell me and will u please tell me that the answer which u will send me should i send that to farha family also or if mufti saab if u not mind will u send the answer to farha mother email address also. [email addresses removed by admin] mufti saab i hope u will reply me as per the hadith and quran please tell me what should i do as i love farha very much

Edit: Emails removed from question
Marriage - Over 13
12th July 2009

Nikah validity and talaaq in parts

I accepted a guy my husband without witnesses but just Allah, and he accepted me as a wife. That guy has no strong belief in Allah and the life after death (roz-e-kayamat); he calls himself agnostic. With his confession, he put the condition that if I ever have any contact with my former male friends then this relationship will be over. He could not own me socially but enjoyed with me physically. We did not have sex but on his insistence, we had oral. After one and a half year, he said the relationship is all over because of my accidental meeting with one of my old male friend. He repeated the same for thrice at least that its over. Even during the relationship, he asked to end up with the relationship because its kind of fake one or is not realistic. Once he said talaaq twice together too during that time. My Question is, according to this situation, was I his wife? He has said talaaq as the third and the last one later after 6 months of ending up relationship. If that relationship was true then is that talaaq valid or the way it was said? What about iddah while no sex took place?
Marriage - Over 13
10th January 2009

Insanity/possesion and talaq

a - does talaq by a man suffering from mental illness countb - does talaq by a man possed by a jinn count (he says the jinn was trying break the marriage)