Marriage - Issues

Marriage - Issues
17th March 2022

Step bro daughterts hand

i have a elder step brother from my mothers previous marriage ,can i marry this step brothers daughter?is it permissible or not?
Marriage - Issues
7th February 2022

One witness in Nikah

Assalam u Alaikum
Me and my Faincee enter into nikah in presence of One witness and Quran.
Is Nikah Valid or not?
If incomplete what should we do?
Marriage - Issues
22nd September 2021

Waswas about talaq

Salam alaikum mufti brother thanks for helping people!
Ever since i have read about what causes talaq i feel like everything is causing talaq a month ago my husband said “if you ever talk about this topic again i know what to do”does saying “i know what to do”if husband intend talaq cause talaq i actually did talk about that topic after that so I’m scared that what if it has caused talaq now plz mufti help me i love him we also have a child.he has given me one talaq already unintentionally before this situation. I am very confused about metaphors of talaq.also he was talking about future but what if by saying “i know what to do”he in his heart said “you are divorced”
Marriage - Issues
23rd September 2021

Kinaya words

i just want to ask the sentence "go to hell" is kinaya word or not
Marriage - Issues
16th June 2021

3 talaq under emotional gun point ....

n the knowledge of second marriage, first wife went under sever depression and had regular panic attacks and blood pressure spikes for 5 days. on fifth day she tried to take lot of medince in her hand for suiside. on this husband agreed to sing on the 3 talaq paper and did not give verbal talaq but signed on the 3 talaq paper. when signing he was under pressure for either to sign or go for public humiliation. Is the talaq done in this way is valid though he had no intention to do the talaq
Marriage - Issues
1st April 2021

I have said my wife talak 3 times on phn but she told me to give talak is my talak right or wrong

I have said my wife talak on phone is my talak wright
Marriage - Issues
25th February 2021

Question regarding divorce

My husband sent me a text message saying he is giving me divorce. It was a very clear message that there won't be any contact from now. I confirmed the receipt by replying be happy. Now my question is, Is this divorce final or was he suppose to do more. Please answer as soon as possible.
Marriage - Issues
24th March 2021

Marriage through text message on group chat

Assalamu Alaikum Shayekh,
I married a man in witness of some of my friends, through text message on a group message which means a chatroom virtually. We did this only for fun. but now I've realised that was a bad thing. I am continuously repenting for my all past. And I want to be a Muhsin slave of Allah SWT.
My question is that, Was our marriage through text message on chatroom valid? If it is valid, What should we do now? I don't want him as my husband. I feel depressed for my sins.
Marriage - Issues
3rd January 2021

Civil divorce and islamic talaq


My islamic divorce happened in pakistan in 2003, i came to UK through proper visa channel so same islamic marriage is also accepted in UK, i am separated from my husband from 7 years since 2013 and now i am taking civil divorce in uk, after my civil divorce, do i need to take khula as well?? or is it considered as islamic Talaq??

Many thanks,

sabiha dawood
Marriage - Issues
18th June 2020

Inappropriate relationship between my husband and her sister

Assalam o alaikum,
I apologise in advance for being blunt in this post but this issue is affecting me a lot and I need some guidance. Its been 6 month of my marriage and I am not happy with the way my husband (30yrs) and her younger sister (23yrs) behave. I read about sibling kissing eachother on multiple islamic websites and found out its okay to give peck on cheek to mehram. But is it okay for a 23yr old girl to kiss her brother on cheeks, neck, hands, legs (including touching his body frequently, and its a two way, my husband is equally involved) not just once in a while but daily multiple times in a day.
Initially I ignored it thinking maybe my family is strict and siblings may act this way depending on their upbringing and environment. But as days passing, I am realising my husband spend most of his time with her sister, not me (since corona lockdown) and whenever i pass by, I see them either kissing or cuddling each other.
Please do consider this question and guide me.
Marriage - Issues
15th March 2020

When I get married

When I get married with whom
Marriage - Issues
11th March 2020

Talaq during impurity and 3 talaqs before 3 months

I send first divorce to my wife by "WhatsApp" message on 11 Sep and second on 5 October and third on 21st October. My words were "i divorce you". When i send here second message at that time my wife was in 'impurity' stage or in monthly cycle.

Now i want to reconcile and want to know if i can take her back. She is also ready to come back?
Marriage - Issues
6th February 2020

Mujy koi wazefa chahye pasand ke shadi k lye isthkhara keya theak a rha lekin boy k ghr waly ne man

Mujy koi wazefa chahye pasand ke shadi k lye, Isthkhara keya theak a rha lekin boy k ghr waly ne man rhy cast issue bna rhy jab k boy Razi ha Shadi k lye to koi wazefa bta dyen jis sy us k ghr waly man jyen aur mery be ghr waly man jyen. aur asa wazefa btaye ga jo hum 2no kar scy ku k boy k parents cast issue bna rhy aur ma ny abi bat nee kee ghr me k vo phly mna lay. Aur mujy koi mashwra be dy dyen ap k ma kab bat karon ?

Clarification received on 10th January 2020:
Mujy koi waazefa chahye pasand ke shadi k lye, Isthkhara keya theak a rha lekin boy k ghr waly ne man rhy.
Cast issue Bna rhy jab k boy Raazi ha Shadi k lye to koi wazefa bta dyen jis sy us k ghr waly man jyen aur mery be ghr waly man jyen.
Aur asa wazeefa btaye ga jo hum dono kar scy ku k boy k parents cast issue bna rhy aur ma ny abi tak ghr me bat nee kee k vo phly mna lay apny ghr walo ko.
Aur mujy koi advise be dy dyen ap k ma kab bat karon apny ghr me? shukria
Marriage - Issues
16th January 2020

Divorce confusion

A couple years ago me and my husband had an argument over something and in anger he said to me in text message ‘Dont worry you are free from now on.. I will divorce you’. At the time i was very tense and upset and I didn’t think anything of this message I ignored it and told him do whatever you want. He told me to leave the house and I didn’t and then the next morning again he said to me before going work that if i come back from work and you are here i will divorce you and throw you outside the house so I got scared and left his house because I didn’t want the divorce to happen. He actually had planned to create an argument between us just so he can kick me out the house and then blame me.

At this time we had been married only for two months nikah happened 8 months before and it had been two months since the rukhsati. We never consumated the marriage and had no husband wife relationship.
After I left his house I forgot about the messages and it has been 4 years since.
In these 4 years we had no contact with eachother.

A couple of days ago i saw the messages in my phone and I have been in doubt whether the divorce happened 4 years ago or not. Someone told me that if the husband says some words like these in anger and he means talaq the talaq happens coz these are kinaya words. I messaged him to ask him what he means and he replied it is obvious what i means by the message so my question is
1. Has our nikah broken or will it break if he accepts he intended divorce by these words
2. Will i have to do iddat if our nikah was to break or if if he was to give divorce now will I have to do iddat.
3. Will i get the mahr money.

Also I wanted to ask if i was to file for a divorce through the court or seperation will that be counted as divorce.
Marriage - Issues
31st December 2019

Rights of husband In islam

Why Ulema Always favor wife in marriage? What are the husband's rights in Islam?
Many Scholars say that it is not the duty of the wife to cook for husband then what is the purpose
of marriage?
It is complete injustice with the husband that he has to fulfill all the financial needs of his wife and wife can do nothing?

Sexual intimacy is the right of both wife and husband then what is the purpose of women ? If women are only for sexual satisfaction then if she becomes old it must be permissible to divorce him Because then if she also not serve her husband and also loses his beauty then why he should bear her responsibility?

Scholar says that both husband and wife have equal rights then why Prophet (PBUH) said If I had to order someone to prostrate than I would have ordered women to prostrate to their husbands. Because God has established a right of men over their women
Marriage - Issues
26th December 2019

Faskh e Nikaah

I want separation from my husband for too many reasons. I requested him to divorce me for 2 times and he replied that " I will not divorce you, go to court and take divorce from the Court " He is irritating me like this.. Court send him order to come and sign on a Khula papers but he didn't come. But he received the Court call orders and still not coming to court. MY Question is.. If Court declares me Khula (Faskh e Nikaah) , Will it be valid OR not ? After completing my Idath, can i marry again to another person ?

Marriage - Issues
24th December 2019

Is it wrong Islamically to collect child support from mother?

I am a divorced father of 4 kids which i raise alone ages 7,6,4,3 for last 3 years. My ex wife doesn't contribute at all.. Initially she had custody and said i will die paying her child support. She also suffers from bipolar, narcissism and emotional instability. She is hostile and uncooperative and has left Islam and careless about her children. Am i wrong to collect child support from her. What does Islam say?
Marriage - Issues
24th December 2019


i sucked the milk of my uncle's wife......can my brothers marry with the daughters of the my uncle?
Marriage - Issues
23rd December 2019

How much age Differnce between Husband and Wife is better?

How much age Differnce between Husband and Wife is better?
Marriage - Issues
12th December 2019

Did nikah without witnesses and gave talaq unintentionally. can remarriage occur without halala

answer required in hanafi fiq:
sir, first of all I istighfar in front of Allah and a tobah that I wont do any disobedience to Him. kindly help me out this time and i will always obey Him. i am in extreme depression since many days and cant ask question openly.
my question is that I once on phone with a girl did Ijab-o-qabool. there were no witnesses on her side neither on my side. only two of us were there.
then after some days i dont know why but i told her "i free you"
as far as i can recall my intention i think i knew from the very first day that that nikah was not done but for her comfort i did that but later somehow i used this word of "freeing" her and i think at that time "talaq" was not in my mind. i just said this word "free" to end this friendship relation as her family did not agree.
but later i realize that maybe nikah has been done and this "free" may mean talaq and now what will happen if her parents agree for our marriage?
can i marry her without any halala?
some hanafis say that without witnesses, the marriage is fasid or irregular or defective and can be cured and in this case if divorce takes place then there is no iddat.
i also need answer in the light of hanafi fiq that in this specific circumstance what will be the ruling.
can i marry the girl now publicly with her wali and witnesses or due to my stupidity of using word "free" and doing that nikah without witnesses i lost her without having her.
was nikah in this case fasid or batil? in books it is written that without witnesses it is fasid so what do they exactly mean if not this case.
kindly respond i am in extreme depression.