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Last updated: 28th March 2007
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assalamu alaykum.
i am convert to islam and i married. my husband lives not in U.k coz he got refusal to enter U.K but from the first time we met i been going to see my husband 2 times a year insha Allah.
as you can imaging this seperation is hurting us very much and i have spend no end of money on documents for the marriage plus the embassy plus my travel to my husband.my husband has no job so all comes from me.
i am a nature loving person and like to be in nature and through nature Allah called me to Islam this call has come before i even known my husband ..alhamdulillah
over 2 years i know my husband now and through this difficult time and my husband has no incombe i worked many many hours i had to sell my car too.
Finally i had a Window and i was able to get a car again to drive to nature and sit on top of a lonely mountain there i feel Allah so close to me and it is a wonderful feeling enable to feel this again and to thank Allah for giving me this felling.
But my husband has other ideas he things i dont need a car and it was wrong from to by a car. i have told him tonite that i like to be close to nature again and that i miss this in my life .
in this 2 years i known my husband i have grown older by 20 years not 2 years coz all i do is work work work.....
is my husband right with saying to me that i dont need a car ?

If you have purchased the car with your own money then you are the rightful owner and will decide whether you would like to keep it or give it up. However, with all due respect to your husband you may kindly explain to him the nature of of your reasons as to want the car. You may highlight the melancholy you feel and how the car enables you to feel better without disobeying the commands of Allah. With regards to the fatigue you feel due to the constant work and effort for your husbands sake. Insha-Allah you will be rewarded for this as it is an extremely virtuous act to serve the husband.

And Allah knows best.

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15th May 2012
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Ulamaa ID 11
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