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Is my nikah still valid

Last updated: 12th February 2006
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About 2 years ago my husband told me that he will divorce me. Than 2 months back in extreme anger he said in one breath that he divorces me and he divorces me. I asked a local Mufti sahib he said that two divorces has been done but he can come back to me with in three months. I went to my parents and stayed with them for a month. After coming back he took me back and we stayed as husband and wife for a few weeks. I have been looking at different sites and watching programmes about this issue and got to know that there is another kind of divorce as well which is called Talak bain. Now I am very confused as he has in the past said sentences like "you are nobody to me and you are not my wife." I have asked him because I have read that it all depends on the intention of somebody if they says anything like that. He says that he didnot mean to divorce me when he said those things. Now I have 3 questions:

Has my going out in Idat period has any effect on Nikah?

I have heard that there is a hadees that in great anger divorce does not take place and in another hadees 2 talaks in one breath is counted as one.(God forbid if I am wrong. I donot know the exact wordings for it)

How do I behave in Idat period?

Please guide me asap

Jazakum Allah Kheejr

Bismihi Ta'ala

Your question is unclear.

Please elaborate what you mean by question one and two.

Answer last updated on:
19th February 2006
Answered by:
Ulamaa ID 01