Marriage - General

Marriage - General
23rd February 2023

Can i have my father as a wali who never prays(i think he prayed ones on a death ceremony not sure)

Hello i live in a country with mainly muslims(a lot of which are not practicers of islam only in name) but not ruled by islamic ruler and here the school of thought is mainly hanefi and as for the marriage as i heard some people say that the imams here consider the engagement ceremony to be enough for a valid marriage usually almost everyone gets married like that and you almost never hear anyone mentioning concepts like wali and other things not even imams. Personally i would like to marry with a muslim wali and with an imam and the witnesses but the problem is that my father even though he calls himself a muslim he never prayed or maybe he prayed ones when someone died not very sure and we told him to pray a couple times but he generally doesnt fast or provide for us as he was a bit sick years ago and always reasons himself that he cannot do things or doesnt feel well enough and stuff like that. I heard that people that dont pray are kafirs or at least who dont think praying is obligatory but for my father i dont know how to label him because he is a bit more on the side of illiterate and lack a lot of knowledge he only knows how to read or write but almost never read anything bht he recites ayyetul kursi, el fatiha and it is not like we have a court here for me to know if he can be my wali or he is a kafir personally i think if the judge were to threaten him to pray or lose his life he would probably pray. And also considering grandfathers brother or uncles etc they are either dead or do not pray or not believe except one uncle who prayed a few tines after his son died but maybe doesnt pray anymore or prays rarelly(not sure) and i dont know for sure if his son pray now and then or very rarely or hasnt prayed for since a time. In general neither my father or uncles or anyone would make a problem for the person i choose they wouldnt even care if the person i marry prays or not or how much practices islam. So can i take my father as a wali and have the ckntract in front of imam will that be valid or do maybe 2 contracts the secknd one taking the imam as my wali. Or do i need to check with my uncle cousin or uncle and if he prays take him (which maybe might cause some mess or talks with my father and people around expecially if the imams here might not say that wali are required or that i dont need to go to such lengths and my father is enough, and the fact that usually people here do not go labeling others as kafirs? Note that i still havent found a suitable person already struggling with that due to having a good job and only have a few friends who might help me with that but havent found someone yet since there arent many pracitcing muslim males who also have a good status or job. Also i heard that hanefi allows marriage without a wali but have to find someone of similar status which i might not be able to find or at least he will be in a lower status financially (which i am mentionjng in case my wali is not considered wali can i take into consideration this thought that i dont need a wali on that case)

Marriage - General
21st February 2023

Got married without witnesses

Alsalam Alykum,

I got married with a girl who was divorced,we did only religious marriage at sheikh’s office but we couldn’t have any witnesses, after 2 years our lives wasn’t going very well and we got divorced by saying “Talak” 3 times in different occasions..I understand I can’t marry her till she marry someone else, but the question is if our first marriage wasn’t valid as no witnesses can I marry her as it our first time? Or the first marriage was valid even without witnesses.
Jazak Allah Khier please advise me
Marriage - General
11th December 2022

Zina with wife's sister ( sister in law)

I was reading about zina with wife's sister
( sister in law) and I read that according to Hanafi madhab Zina with sister of wife ( sister in law) break Nikah between husband and wife even if someone touch his sister in law with desire.
I hand shaked with my sister in law long time ago but I'm not sure was it with desire or it was just a normal hand shaked. There is no relationship between me and my sister in law but sometimes Shiatan was putting bad thoughts in my mind about her.
Now I'm very confused and scared that is my Nikah with my wife still valid. If its not valid what should we do? Should we do another fresh Nikah.
Marriage - General
17th November 2022

Conditions of walee

Asalamu alaykum I hope your well, I asked a few questions pertaining to my nikkah from yourselves and they have all been answered and removed a lot of waswas and things that were playing in my mind so I would like to thank you very much. I have one last questions to remove all doubts and it’s regarding the my father in law who acted on my wife’s behalf in the nikkah with the imam conducting the nikkah. My father in law although he is a Muslim is not practicing, he’s a really nice guy and he knows he can be a better Muslim by praying and do more for deen. He doesn’t really pray as a Muslim
Should but he doesn’t deny the prayer and knows he should be praying. I just wanted to know every other thing that was required to make the nikkah permissible was carried out. My father law not being as practicing , does that make the marriage invalid as he acted in my wife’s behalf. JazakAllahu khairan.
Marriage - General
14th November 2022

Nikkah done properly or not?

ASalamualaikum I hope your well. I have a question with regards to my nikkah and it’s really stressing me out. I just want to know if it was done correctly. I’m a hanafi and my nikkah was done in the mosqe. There were around 20 male witnesses, including my cousin who had studied ilm for many years. My wife was also in the masjid but was with the women in another segregated room. Her father acted on her behalf. The imam was the one who conducted the nikkah and asked my father in law if he gave his daughter(said her full name) with a specific mahr to me in front of the witnesses and my father in law said yes. And then the imam asked me if I accepted my wife with that specific mahr (saying her name and my name and daughter of so and so) and I said yes I have accepted. This was repeated twice and then we started to sign the contract and the imam told my brother in law to go the women’s section and tell my wife to sign the papers. My brother in law didn’t ask my wife anything she just signed the papers. I just wanted to ask did my wife need to accept. She knew she was marrying me and was really happy obviously but this keeps playing on my mind whether or not we did the ceremony correct. I asked my cousin who studied ilm in Leicester for 7 years about this and he said her father accepted on her behalf and she just needed to sign the contract and that’s it she didn’t need to say anything. Also I read that if a women is present in the nikkah ceremony she has to answer herself but like I said the women although they did attend the cermony, they were in a separated segregated room and my wife wasn’t present in front of the imam it was her father who was acting on her behalf and then the imam was conducting the nikkah and asking the questions in the ijab and qabool.We’re these things done correctly and is my nikkah valid, if you could get back to me asap IA as it’s really stressing me out. JazakAllahu khairan.
Marriage - General
24th May 2022

I’m a sunni boy and I like a bohri girl. Can i marry her?

I’m a sunni boy and I like a bohri girl. Can i marry her?
Marriage - General
17th March 2022

Would my Friend be able to marry his mums dads brothers daughter?

My friend is struggling with marriage and he wanted to know if he would be able to marry is mums dads brothers daughter or would that be seen as something forbidden in Islam and he is also older than her.
Marriage - General
11th March 2022

Kaffara for Touching wife before marriage

Assalamualaikum brothers,

just after my engagement i met my fiance outside in restaurant alon we both talk and touch each other hands also in taxi we kiss each other on lips.
After that we feel regret of doing this as it is haram, we apologies to allah almighty ,i also pray salat tu tauba and pray that we will not do this again and after that we didn't meet alone and get married.

It has been 2 year now My wife unable to get pregnant without any major medical issue hence i feel that i should do some kaffara of doing haram thing before marriage and thinking that allah is angry with us.

Please guid and provide some wazifa for child also.

May allah bless you shower his mercy on you for helping ummah
Marriage - General
28th December 2021

Marriage with hindu

My sister wants to marry a guy who is Punjabi. She does not want to convert him as muslim, because he will be doing it just for the sake of marriage, and that is wrong according to us. I think islam should be accepted by heart and only when one wants to. In this case, what would be the solution for this marriage? Can they both follow their own religion? Also, What if they do court marriage? Is it possible to do Nikah? Please let me know.
Marriage - General
16th December 2021

Can I marry my father's sister's daughter's daughter

Can I Marry my father's sister's daughters daughter
Marriage - General
14th December 2021

Is it permissible to marry the daugther of a stepbrother?r

Is it permissible to marry the daughter of a stepbrother?
Marriage - General
2nd December 2021

Is love marriage legal?

I have from my parents that love marriage is not legal. However, many Muslim youths in Hong Kong, where I live, is doing love marriages. They say that premarital love affairs on the purpose of marriage is legal. They claim that premarital affairs, on the purpose of marriage, is legal, but premarital sex, premarital, kisses and premarital holding hands are not legal. However, I always hear from Islamic scholars in my country that it is illegal. Is love marriages actually legal? Can you give a brief, detailed description of this answer? If Islamic scholars claim that love marriages is illegal, why do Muslim youths do love marriages and say it is legal?
Marriage - General
21st October 2021

I want to marry my Divorced sister in law as my second wife.

I want to marry my Divorced sister in law as my second wife.
She is living along with my wife back home and I'm working overseas.
I've developed feelings for her, and I'm afraid that this may lead me for act of Sin.
No one still has come forward with the marriage proposal as today's world people Materialistic only.
Please guide/advice
Marriage - General
12th September 2021

Is purity of body and clothing a pre requisite of nikah

Assalamo Alaikum.

Is purity of body and clothing a pre requisite of Nikah.

Sometime ago a dog came up very close to me. It possibly licked or sniffed my clothes.
Please note it was raining it was a wet day and I did not check my clothes to see where the dog touched me. I did this to avoid touching the place where dog may have licked or sniffed my garment and spread the filth else where .
When I got home I washed it in the bath tub and then put it in the washing machine.

I know my garment is pure. However it's been difficult to purify the bath tub. As each time I wash the tub water falls on the floor and it has to be mopped up. The mop is then squeezed or washed in the clean bath tub, which i assume then makes the bath tub again impure again. The cycle of cleaning the tub seems never ending..

Recently after taking a bath , my clean clothes fell on something that was wet from washing the bath I had nothing else to wear I wore the clothes that fell and were a little wet.

I feel that my body touched by the wet patches of the clothes I wore is dirty and needs to be cleaned again. And I know I'll have to clean the bathtub again before taking another bath. The cycle will just start again. Sometimes I just want to stop cleaning it.,to the point I just want to give up and just put it down to waswasa or being excessive. Allah SWT knows I wouldn't deliberately allow najasa to remain on my body or clothes.

I'm looking in to marriage and want to know that if I had any dog saliva ect on my body or clothing will this affect the validity of my nikah
Marriage - General
22nd July 2021

If Sunni Muslims can marry dawoodi bohra? Is it allow?

If sunni muslim girl can marry dawoodi bohra boy? Is it allowable in sharia??
Marriage - General
25th June 2021

NikkaH' condition

I live in a remote city of China due to study purpose. My colleague Chinese girl has converted to Islam and I want to marry (Nikkah). Her parents knew about it and has no objection (However they are not till now converted). My family in Pakistan also know about it and have no objections. Due to present conditions my family members cannot travel to me. In my university, there are 2 more Pakistani Muslim friends. Now it is to ask, if nobody other then girl is Muslim, Can i and she do acceptance (Ayjab-o-qubool) of Nikkah in front of witnesses (Pakistani friends) as we don't have any other Muslim as witness near by. Does she required a Advocate (Wakeel). In the Nikkah, the girls Parent will be there and my family will be online watching.
Marriage - General
16th May 2021

Nikah with witnesses on video call and no wali in hanafi maslaq

Assalaam alaikum. I need urgent answer to my question if possible please, with authentic hadith with proper isnaad and fatawas. I am a woman of hanafi maslaq. I married my first cousin, also hanafi, (paternal uncle’s son) in the following manner. We sat together at a place and and made a video call to his younger brother and one of my other cousins, who although the same age as my husband, is actually an uncle in relation. Now, they both were made aware of the situation beforehand that they are going to be witnesses to my nikah. Also, they both know me well and recognise my voice and can attest to hearing the offer and acceptance of the proposal. Now, my husband read the khutbah and nikah and offer. I accepted and the witnesses were asked if they heard it. Similary my husband accepted and it was confirmed if the witnesses heard it. Both the witnesses had eyes on us and were aware that me and my husband were in the same place. I had confirmed this manner of nikah online as well before attempting it. It was from another similar nikah. After the nikah and consummation I informed my father and my other family members about the nikah all within a week or two and asked them to keep silent about it for a little while till we could convince my husband’s parents first. So they are not aware of it. I even got my mehr. Now, I am being told that since my witnesses were physically not present in the same room, even though they heard everything and can testify, my nikah is invalid. Please explain on this matter. I have even contacted the UAE online fatawa centre but I am not getting clear elaborate answers. Also, my cousin sister also married my husband two months later in somewhat similar manner. Mu husband was sitting with two witnesses in one country and my cousin was in another country and these two parties were on video call. Although one witness was a fellow cousin and family the other one was a stranger who did not know her or recognise her in any way and she is not even sure of who he was exactly because his full name was not taken while naming the witnesses. And that nikah was a secret between the two of them for 3 years. No one knew about it and nor did they consummate their marriage. Neither did she get her mahr. But they were under the impression that they were married. Now, please tell me
1.Are these two nikahs valid?
2.And if they are not valid, is it mandatory that both of us conduct the nikah again, even if now one of the sisters feels that she cannot stay married to the man?
Please explain with fatawa and hadith in detail. I even mailed mufti menk about this in detail but the only answer I got was that nikah without wali is valid. But here the question is not of the wali but of the witnesses being present on video.
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24th February 2021

Zubani nikah whatsup group main.

After my divorce, I didn't want to do zina.
I met a lady, whose parents were not agree for our marriage. but we met sometimes outside. we liked each other,
we had sexual desires for each other but she was saying she doesn't want to show our relation to anyone, wants to keep secret.
we decided to do oral nikah،
we made a group, added 2 friends and where she accepted me as husband 3 times and me too.
then i called my friend, he said yes he has seen. after that we completed our sexual desire.
we have done intercourse 1-2 times after that nikah.

and Allah knows best our intensions.

is our nikah completed, or we did zinah. I am confuse.
image is here. proof

must reply . thanks
Marriage - General
6th December 2020

Is it hala to create marriage website

Asselamu Alaikum Dear brothers & sisters,

I plan to open online Nikah website.
Here is the details of his website proposal.
That is each party (the Nikah needing male & the female) posts the following information on the proposed website:
1) What quality & personality (behavior, academic, Qeerat, financial, etc) he/she has and
2) What he/she needs from the other partner.

That is, I plan to make nikah needing brothers & sisters to post on my website details about themselves & criteria of the wife/husband they need.

But, this doesn't include photo & contact address posting.

Then, if any opposite sex fulfilling the requirements is interested on the posted information, he/she responds by expressing her interest. This expression of interest is done clicking specific button on the website. Then, if the other partner is interested in her/him too, they will do the same (clicks a button). Finally, the website informs this to me so that I call to partner to come to my office with their respective mahram & talk to the other partner in face to face.
If they agree to continue, Only at this point I exchange their contact address to each other.
Until they agree, no photo and contact addressed is shared to each other. Not posted on the website.

Then, the remaining part continues as usual through involvement of the Mahrem.

I plan to appoint Ulama board for the database management, to check compliance to Islamic rullings, to facilite the face-to-face talking etc.

The job of the website is only to make the marriage partner searching job easy.

No photo is posted and no contact address is displayed on the website.

Thus, Dear brothers and sister,
Is it halal for to create such website?
Is it halal for marriage seeking individuals to search their partner through this website?
What are the preconditions to do this?
What other advice you could give me to make issue strictly Islamic?

Marriage - General
13th April 2020

Can I nikah with her

I am 22 years graduated student,I love a 18 years old girl and she also loves me ,but her father is not agree due to intercaste, although we both are very religious person and I want a secret nikah with her to protect us from gunah ,can I do this nikah please answer me sir.